10 Lifestyle Factors that Promote Good Health in Daily Life

Some tips to have a better quality of life include exercising, resting, drinking lots of water, and relaxing with your friends. We know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can seem difficult among so many activities during the day. We work, eat what we can where we can and there is no time to rest, but maintaining life in balance means organizing your schedules to incorporate these 10 lifestyle factors that promote good health and make you feel full and happy. The conclusion of the different investigations is very clear: making healthy eating habits and doing physical activity is the most effective guidelines when it comes to fighting against eating disorders and obesity.

• Exercise

We have told you many times, but it is true. Exercising helps, you lose weight, but also improves the health of your heart and lungs, and can also prevent and even control diseases such as cancer, hypertension, and even depression, and helps lower cholesterol. Exercising improves the quality of sleep and helps regulate stress so that anxiety and mood are regulated. Do you see why we insist so much on exercise?

• Sleep

Sleep equals a healthy body. Why? There are some cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic diseases that are linked to the quality of sleep, that is why the importance of sleeping is necessary. Remember that not only is sleeping for sleep, to maintain a healthy body you need quantity, but also quality. Try to sleep 6 to 8 hours a day, in a comfortable environment free of noise, light, and well ventilated.

• Relax

Every threat that our body receives, whether physical as pain, illness or hunger or psychological as depression and anxiety, produces stress. The continuous state of this condition causes the body to lose muscle mass and accumulate more fat; it also raises blood pressure and lowers good cholesterol levels.

All this reflected in weight gain, which generates a higher risk of suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. Try to practice yoga or meditation, listen to music that relaxes you or read a book, and relax your mind.

• Constantly visit your trusted doctor and mental health

Do not visit your doctor just to heal, also do it to prevent. The doctor can guide you to modify risk factors for conditions that still have no symptoms. Always remember that most diseases can cure if they detected early. Do not forget to check up.

Mental Health is part of your well-being. Do activities that allow you to get distracted from the day’s problems and relax. How about visiting new and different places or taking a walk in the park? Have fun with those you love most.

• Drink plenty of water

6 to 8 glasses a day are essential to keep you hydrated, the water also helps you to have good digestion, maintain the proper temperature of your body, and eliminate substances that you do not need through sweat and urine. Remember that the human body thanks to water can use most of the nutrients we obtain from food.

• Avoid smoking and alcoholism

Did you know that the WHO reports that avoiding the use of tobacco and alcohol can prevent gastritis, esophagitis, and cancer and liver diseases? Do not forget that the consequences of smoking and alcoholism are harmful to you and those around you. Everything in moderation, try to practice a sport and you will see how you will gradually leave those vices.

Now that you know these tips, put them in motion. Always remember that Health is not only the absence of diseases but also the perfect balance between your body, your mind, and your spirit. Do not forget, a healthy body is a happy body.

10 lifestyle factors that promote good health


• Active lifestyle

Sedentarism is another one of the great evils of our times. A healthy lifestyle should include regular physical activity and exercises.

Physical activity, such as taking a walk, for example, helps prevent a large number of physical and psychological illnesses, as long as it is practiced regularly.

Physical activity and exercise help prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent overweight and obesity and decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, it also brings psychological benefits.

Energetic physical exercise, practiced regularly, avoids stress and anxiety, as shown by various scientific studies.

In this way, exercise significantly improves the quality of life, by decreasing the tension and increasing the secretion of endorphins, chemical substances that the brain produces and that provokes a sense of general well-being.

Therefore, if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle, besides taking care of your diet, you must stay active.

If you are going to practice some sport, like running, cycling or spinning, remember to consult your doctor before, follow a training plan prepared by a professional and hydrate properly before and after the activity.

• Be cautious

Death rates due to traffic accidents remain the third cause of death even in developed countries.

Most of them could avoid because they are due to human errors due to lack of attention or precaution.

If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, in addition to being careful when driving (do not drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and respect traffic regulations, especially the speed limit) you should also take precautions in other situations, such as for example, when having sex.

The main problem to face when having sex without protection is undoubtedly HIV infection.

According to a WHO report, currently, 2.2 million people infected with HIV in Europe, but about half do not know it.

Therefore, it is extremely important to use a prophylactic when having sex, especially if you do not have a stable partner.

Being cautious in every way must also be part of a healthy lifestyle.

10 lifestyle factors that promote good health

• Minimize negative emotions

Having a positive mind also has great benefits in physical and mental health.

Negative emotions must properly manage to have a full life. One of the main negative emotional factors of these times is the famous stress.

Excessive stress lowers the defenses and increases the risk of suffering from diseases, besides making us feel bad.

Stress cannot only have direct psychological and physical effects but can also lead to an unhealthy lifestyle.

According to certain scientific researchers, the increase in stress is associated with higher consumption of drugs and alcohol, decreasing healthy behaviors.

In addition, chronic stress can increase blood pressure, cause anxiety, depression, and heart problems.

To avoid stress, look for recreational activities that you really like and practice some kind of relaxation exercise (yoga, meditation, etc.).

Organize your agenda correctly, try to identify the factors that cause you to stress, and stay away from them.

On the other hand, if you are feeling negative emotions (sadness, anguish) that do not allow you to feel good in situations you once enjoyed, and if these negative emotions continue over time and do not disappear, then maybe it’s time to consult a professional.

Perform the necessary medical consultations and attend the therapy recommended by professionals can also be part of a healthy lifestyle.

• Look at the sky daily and smile

You will have noticed that your eyes become very dry on the days that you make continuous use of your computer or your smartphone. This can damage them because it generates visual stress and even eyestrain and myopia. The best advice to avoid it is to try to keep the screen at least 50 cm away and apply eye drops when you notice your eyes dry.

Positive emotions, such as joy, enthusiasm, satisfaction, or pride, are a necessary source of well-being and quality of life and protect our most attractive image, which favors other positive people to approach us.


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