Benefits of drinking milk at night before sleeping

Throughout our life, we have heard our elders say that having a glass of milk before bed was good. Especially, when we were little and our parents told us the benefits of drinking milk at night and grow more. Milk is a fundamental food, not only for children but also for adults because it contains calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D.

According to experts, the main reason that milk is good before bed is because it has an amino acid called tryptophan, which the body converts into serotonin, also known as the sleep hormone. Tip: If the milk is taken warm, we will relax, reducing the levels of stress of the body.

In addition, tryptophan also produces melatonin, a substance that makes the body when it is done at night, causing our brain clock to focus on sleeping. So taking that glass of milk is highly recommended to make our body understand when it should sleep in the event that we cannot for insomnia or another reason.

Carbohydrates and milk fats increase the body’s insulin levels and this facilitates the passage of tryptophan into our body, extending the benefits of this product to sleep.

Given the scientific evidence, we can say that a glass of warm milk relaxes us before bed. Of course, we must consider several things, for example: when we are small is more recommended whole milk because we are growing, but when we reach 30 or 35 years of age, not to gain weight, it is more advisable a skim milk. It should also be taken into account that not all people assimilate milk lactose equally since there are people with intolerance.

For the positive effect of having a glass of milk before sleeping is greater, it is advisable to drink it 15 minutes before going to bed. In addition, we should not eat too many cookies, because, ingesting them in excess is not recommended.

For people who do not like milk or have lactose intolerance, there are other products that you can take before bedtimes such as bananas, cherries, cereals, tomatoes, lettuce, fish, and nuts, which Will help you to fall asleep.

Much has been said about the “glass of milk” before bed, which is an old practice, but not less healthy since it can report an improvement of the nocturnal rest. Milk contains a number of components that provide the body with nutrients, which aid in the rapid reconciliation of sleep, as well as ensuring that it is deep throughout the night. What is the scientific basis for this belief?

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benefits of drinking milk at night

Drink milk before sleep

Milk is a food composed of water, proteins, minerals, amino acids, hydrates, etc. Easily assimilated by the human organism. Some of these substances play an important role in the regulation of sleep:

• Tryptophan: One of the functions of this amino acid in the body is the regulation of hormones. Tryptophan is captured in the human brain by serotonergic neurons that transform it into serotonin, which in turn, is a precursor to melatonin. The primary function of this hormone is to regulate sleep-wake cycles. Thus, it begins to be released when the flow of illumination decreases (during the night) and its action is responsible for the conciliation of the dream.

• Calcium: Milk calcium is closely related to neuronal activation that controls the maintenance and evolution of REM and non-REM phases of sleep.

• Vitamin B12: Among other vitamins, that milk incorporates but we highlight the B12 why? This vitamin is also essential for the synthesis of melatonin in the pineal gland.

Some of its components in isolated supplements of many of these components are marketed in pharmacies as remedies to combat insomnia, so why not take them all together and in a natural way.

Drink milk before going to sleep to gain weight

While it sounds surprising with the health benefits and thinness display, some people want to gain weight for good reasons. Whether for bodybuilding, to recover from an illness, as a labor requirement or simply by choice. You are more likely to gain weight by eating at night due to reduced activity. However, the weight you gain from drinking milk before bedtime depends on a number of factors.

• Multiple determinants of weight

Weight gain is multifaceted, so there is no concrete answer as to whether you will gain weight by drinking milk before bed or not. A high body mass index (BMI), for example, will burn any extra weight you gain by drinking milk at night. In addition, how much and how you sleep directly affects weight gain. You are more likely to gain more weight if you sleep less, regardless of how much milk you drink. According to a study published in the February 2011 issue of “Obesity.”

• Cysteine content in milk

Milk contains body building blocks called amino acids. The amino acid cysteine has been associated with weight gain and obesity. The amount of cysteine present in the milk brand you choose will contribute to the amount of weight you gain. The way you store milk is important because light degrades cysteine, which gives milk that nasty taste of decay. The type of milk also influences the level of amino acids. For example, soymilk contains phytates, which makes it provide building amino acids that are not available in your body.

• Eat after eight

Research published in “Obesity” in April 2008 showed that eating after 8 pm leads to increased weight gain, regardless of sleep shape and duration. This means that you can gain weight by drinking milk before going to bed. This idea is based on the premises of reduced activity. Unfortunately, the relationship between milk, sleep, and weight gain is not so simple since the study published in the April 2008 issue of “Obesity” has presented a whole new dimension to this issue.

• Avoid tea

The way you drink milk influences the benefits you get from it. Drink milk alone and without tea, since this helps to lose weight. As rare as it sounds, Dr. Devajit Borthakur, a scientist with the Indian Tea Research Association, has said in The Telegraph that adding milk to tea is not beneficial because of tea forms complexes with milk proteins, making them inaccessible to your body. This means that you get neither the benefits of weight loss tea nor the supposed benefits of milk to gain weight.

• A different dimension

A study published in “Obesity” in April 2008 states that women who consume two or more dairy products a day reduce fat cells. The findings call into question the benefits of using milk before bed to gain weight. In addition, the study published in “Obesity” in March 2011 showed that foods rich in protein induce the suppression of hunger although this is more common with solid proteins. If your attempts to gain weight by consuming milk do not give results, it could also be that milk is actually causing you to lose weight!

Other benefits of drinking milk

Drink milk to grow, it is very important. Surely many of you remember it as one of the songs of your childhood. Moreover, our mothers and grandmothers already said it when we were little. Milk is a very important food that must be included in the diet of all ages because it is a source of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D and other nutrients. A drink that helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and hypertension.

• The best, the skim

Nutrition experts recommend the skimmed version of milk as the healthiest because it is rich in the same nutrients as regular milk but with the positive factor of not having whole milk fats that raise cholesterol levels if taken in excess.

benefits of drinking milk at night

• With chocolate a sports drink

Of course, milk can be the best restorative after sports. A user that is not very common among European consumers but according to a study conducted at the University of Texas in the United States, after exercise, drinking chocolate milk helps build more muscles, reduce fat and improve physical performance. This low-fat chocolate milk blend is the right combination of carbohydrates and protein, able to replenish the sugar stores of the muscle without disrupting the process of muscle breakdown.

• Milk for diabetics

Cinnamon milk can be an excellent choice for patients with diabetes. Cinnamon acts against microbes help control blood sugar, reduces triglyceride and cholesterol levels, facilitates digestion and improve circulation.

• And at meals

Milk-enriched foods, or in which milk is disguised, are a good way to consume the properties of this food that everyone does not like. For example, you can enrich a bowl of soup or a cream of vegetables. Although not add milk in soup with vegetables, such as spinach or endive, as it impairs the absorption of iron present in these foods.

In addition, does it have to be lukewarm? Some experts assert, in contrast to the above, that what really induces the state of drowsiness is not the components of milk, but the psychological effect that causes us to comfort ourselves with a warm drink before bed: it feels calm with something warm in the stomach, the muscles relax and ultimately the sensation is of pleasure and well-being.

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