Discover the 10 benefits of laughter and humor for your health

Hearing a laugh inevitably makes us think of fun. The sound of laughter is closely linked to the feeling of happiness, and not only has that but to laugh also had a multitude of benefits for our health. From physical, even psychological, emotional or even social benefits. In this article, we will discover the benefits of laughter and humor. Do not miss it!

Laughter is a natural response to the stimuli that our individual personalities find as fun, be it an image, a physical sensation, a sound or a memory. The physical response of laughter is very fast. Once our senses are exposed to something they find amusing, it passes an electric current through our nervous system to reach our brain.

I am sure more than once you have heard that the left hemisphere of our brain is responsible for decoding words and syntactic structure, and has a more analytical approach to information; while the right hemisphere is more creative and more related to humor. So, the visual center of our brain forms what would be an image of the idea of good humor, while our emotional or limbic system, what it does is release chemicals that improve our mood and promote happiness. Finally, our engine system is the one that will make us smile or laugh.

Several studies and research have tried to find the influence of laughter on our mental and physical health. In fact, we are all aware that laughing is a healthy thing and that puts into action certain muscles that we rarely use in our daily lives. In addition, laughter also generates in our organism certain hormones that provide us with happiness and good humor.

benefits of laughter and humor

10 health benefits of laughing and smiling

When we laugh we change physiologically, as we stretch the muscles along the face and body, our pulse and blood pressure rise, breathe faster and send more oxygen to the tissues. However, do you want to know what the benefits of laughter for your health really are? Then we tell you.

1. Work Your Abs

I am sure you ever laughed so hard that it hurt your gut. That is because laughter is a good internal training technique. By laughing, we exert both the diaphragm, the abdomen, the respiratory system and even to the shoulders. This makes after a good laugh we find more relaxed and quiet.

In addition, not only that but when it gives us a laugh attack we make deeper breaths to unclog our airways and improve inhalation and ingestion of oxygen.

All this, added to the physical exercise that we can make, can turn laughter into a complete and good internal workout.

2. Reduces stress

If you are looking for a natural way to relieve stress, then have a good laugh. When we laugh, we are reducing the level of stress hormones, such as cortisol, while increasing the level of hormones that improve our health.

In addition, laughter, as you and we before, also provides some muscle training and stimulates our blood circulation, which in turn will help us reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.

If you want to cope with day-to-day frustrations and reduce stress accumulation, then laugh.

3. Increase your Energy

Laughter can also give us an extra energy point to our body and mind. By laughing, we make deeper breaths, which increases the flow of oxygen to the muscles and organs of our body getting so we feel more energetic.

In addition, laughter also improves our alertness, creativity, and memory.

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benefits of laughter and humor

4. Improve Your Relationships

Laughter is a social thing, as it is partly due to the connection and proximity to friends and family, and that leads to a series of benefits for our health.

If you think about it, we are much more likely to laugh when we are in the company than when we are alone, so that in some way laughter also helps us to establish that connection with others and improve our relationships. If we show ourselves cheerful, automatically people will think that we are more accessible and we can make new friends.

5. Improve your breathing

If you have chronic respiratory ailments like asthma, the deep breath you need to laugh might help you reduce your symptoms. By laughing, we exhale, empty the lungs completely and then inhale a large amount of air. Even if it is not a cure, it will reduce the number of times we use the inhaler.

6. Strengthen Your Heart

The heart is like a muscle that needs to exercise to become stronger. By laughing, the tissue that makes up the lining of the blood vessels expands, and that leads to an increase in blood flow, which will help us reduce the risk of heart attack and fight heart problems.

In addition, laughter also has a relaxing effect that will lower our blood pressure level, so try to laugh more to keep your heart healthy and prevent cardiovascular problems.

7. Improve your immune system

Laughing often is also a good remedy to stimulate our immune system, as we will increase the number of antibodies that fight infections, as well as increase the levels of immune cells.

If our immune system is strong we will be more resistant to falling ill, and that makes us less likely to suffer ailments like a cough, colds or other infections.

8. You will have a more positive attitude

Only by smiling or laughing can we improve our level of humor and our state of mind. Laughter acts as a painkiller, reducing pain, even the unconscious, and getting us to be a little happier.

Having a sense of humor and the ability to laugh even at ourselves and the problems we may have, can be a good ability to face life with positivism and overcome the bad times.

9. Increase your pain threshold

Benefits of laughter and humor as we are also a good natural painkiller according to a study from the University of Oxford, which concludes that people who laugh a lot can endure up to almost 10% more pain compared to those people who do not usually laugh.

By laughing us, release endorphins, a hormone that makes our system feel good, and even a good laugh can work better than morphine itself to alleviate pain. In addition, when we will laugh our attention is distracted from the pain and that helps.

10. Helps you sleep better

Insomnia is a problem that many people suffer, but laughter can help us fight it. By laughing our body is producing more melatonin, which is the hormone that releases our brain to be able to sleep better.

In addition, laughter can also help improve sleep patterns, which is something very necessary if we try to treat insomnia. So you know, before you go to sleep laugh with your friends and family to scare off stress and anxiety, and promote a repairing dream.

For some time now you have certainly not stopped listening to such words as “laughter therapy”, “laughter therapy”, “humor therapy” or you have simply seen people left in the street, and together, laughs Make jokes and nonsense. Calm down! The human being has not gone crazy (yet). Laughing in a group is fantastic for the organism. Laughter therapy is a very effective method to relieve stress.

In ancient times, laughter has been used as a therapeutic agent. There are numerous testimonies of its use for medicinal purposes and health improvement in various cultures throughout the history of humankind.

From the 1970s onwards, when laughter began to arouse the interest of the Western scientific community and when research and studies of all kinds increased around this salutary question. Only recently has received the support and official support from different disciplines including science. Thanks to this support, diffusion, and expansion in Western society has been promoted through laughter therapy and humor therapy.

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