Best Epilator for Pubic Hair in 2021

best epilator for pubic hair

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best epilator for pubic hair in 2021

If you are looking for the best epilator for pubic hair removal to use at home, you are in the right place. This article combines the best of laser or IPL epilators and body shavers, two very different machines with the same purpose, to remove body hair.

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Before we begin, we would like to comment that there are mainly two methods:

  • The body shaving: which comes from the world of beard shavers, which have slowly evolved to include new heads, making it suitable for all body shavers. Normally, they cut or shave the hair.
  • The body depilated: these are more associated electrical epilators (which start hair root) and laser or IPL epilators to eliminate root hair permanently. These second ones are the most effective of all and the ones that we recommend the most since the results are definitive.

Laser or IPL epilators ARE UNISEX, so any member of the family can use them. If a woman appears on the cover of the box, they are usually the ones who buy these products the most, which does not mean that they do not obtain excellent results for men!

In this article, we have made a selection of the best laser epilators and the best body shavers, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to see the differences, we recommend that you read to the end of the article where you will find a buying guide to understand a little more about the subject.

best epilator for pubic hair

Do you want to know which the best quality-price epilator is? In this article, we analyze the pros and cons of the top 6:  2 of them are electric epilators and 4 laser hair removal machines by photo epilation or IPL.

Which one should I choose: IPL or electric? If you want to know the differences, we recommend you read the buying guide that you will see in the last section of this post.

braun silk epilator 5 IPL

This is ideal for people with a high budget who want a system with permanent results and obtain the best epilator for sensitive skin and benefits in home hair removal.

braun silk epilator 5

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This IPL machine from Braun with the highest number of shots on the market (400,000), one of the most important features to guarantee that the useful life of the machine will allow you to do the necessary sessions to obtain a permanent hair removal.

In addition, it has a power of 6 J / cm 2. From 5 J / cm 2 we already consider that it is a sufficient power to guarantee correct hair removal, and this exceeds this figure by one point.

Therefore, if we make the relationship between the number of shots of this model and its power, we get a combination of 10, and it is what makes this machine occupy the first position in the ranking.

Its sensor will adjust throughout the hair removal the intensity appropriate for your skin, to protect it and avoid any damage or burns.

In addition, it includes an additional precision head for the facial area, although women can only use it, since the hair density of men prevents them from using this system in the face area (whatever model they choose). It also includes a case and razor for the necessary pre-IPL shave.

In addition, it is very comfortable to handle since Philips has adjusted its size compared to previous models.

But it had to have some disadvantage. Unfortunately, its price is quite high and not suitable for all pockets. However, in the long term, you will save a lot of money compared to clinical sessions and you will have sessions and reviews for many years. An investment that, in our opinion, is worth it.


  • The IPL with the highest number of shots (400,000)
  • High power (up to 6 J / cm 2)
  • Extra precision head


  • It is not wireless

Remington IPL6500 IPL

For people who want a definitive hair removal system with the highest level of power in home epilators and, above all, with the best price in high-end IPL machines. This IPL machine achieves this position in our ranking thanks to the good price it has for the features it incorporates.

Remington IPL6500

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It is the most powerful domestic epilator on the market; the one with the highest light fluence (up to 8 J / cm 2). This means that it will be more effective, especially on darker skin, and you will need fewer sessions.

Keep in mind that if your skin is very white, you will not benefit from this power, since the sensor will regulate a lower intensity so as not to burn your skin.

You also have to bear in mind that with the maximum intensity level you may feel more pain with each shot; especially in sensitive areas. It is something normal but if you have little stamina, it is good that you metalize yourself.

It has a capacity of up to 65,000 flashes, enough so that you can carry out the necessary sessions to get waxing and, later, review the whole body.

In addition, this model includes a precision head for the face area in the case of women and a quality briefcase where you can store it after use.

The biggest drawbacks are that it has a rather bulky base, which is also where the sensor is located, making it more uncomfortable than others that incorporate the sensor in the gun itself. It is not wireless, so you will always have to use it plugged in. However, these “buts” do not influence efficacy or results. That is why this Remington model is one of our favorites.


  • Very adjusted price for the quality it has
  • High number of flashes (65,000)
  • The most powerful (up to 8 J / cm 2)
  • Quality briefcase for storage
  • Extra precision head


  • Quite voluminous base
  • It has a sensor but at the base (more uncomfortable)
  • It is not wireless

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI922 ipl

For very demanding people who want a definitive hair removal system prioritizing the comfort of a wireless model with a very effective combination of number of shots, power and precision

This new version of the Philips Lumea Prestige is not the one with the most shots, nor the one with the most power, but it has optimal figures for everything and it will allow you to obtain the right results, if your skin prototype is suitable for IPL.

Philips Lumea Prestige

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This is one of the best epilator for face. It has 250,000 shots and, thanks to its not inconsiderable power that reaches, depending on the intensity you choose, up to 6.5 J / cm 2, you will not need many sessions or reviews to obtain a permanent hair removal.

High-end IPL models, such as this case, incorporate a sensor that analyzes your skin type to adjust the intensity automatically and avoid burns.

The best thing about this machine is that it is wireless, something very comfortable if the cables bother you or you do not have plugs nearby. It is a feature that few IPL models include. In addition, you will have up to three additional heads: one for precision for the face and 2 for curved areas (cavus and convex) that will help you in areas such as knees and armpits.

It also includes a case for storage and the brand has developed an app where you can record your process, give you advice and remind you when to do the reviews.

The worst thing about this Philips model is the price and that it is a bit big; otherwise, we do not find major drawbacks. Although it is true that overall it is a very good machine, you may find others with more power or greater number of shots.


  • Wireless
  • Three extra precision heads
  • Hair type sensor
  • Includes case and tracking app
  • Good shots / power ratio (250,000 and 6.5 J / cm 2)


  • Price
  • Something big
  • It is not the one with the most power
  • Nor the one that offers a greater number of shots

Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111 IPl

This is for those who need to wax a lot of surface and, therefore, need to be able to count on many sessions and / or who have a special interest in protecting their skin without going to the most expensive segment.

Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 PL3111

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The Braun Silk Expert Pro 3 would enter the segment of high-end epilators at a medium price.

It offers IPL with up to 300,000 shots, a figure that will allow enough sessions to obtain satisfactory results in various areas of the body and make subsequent reviews when necessary (something that is normal and common).

The sessions will be quick even if you have to cover a lot of skin and are effective to remove hair from dark blonde-haired person to black as long as you do not have very brown or black skin.

However, it is a machine that has a maximum level of power, a tad just for our taste (4 J / cm 2), so it is especially suitable for light skin with black hair. In darker skin tones or lighter hair, it may not be as effective and require a greater number of sessions.

It incorporates an extra head for areas where greater precision is necessary, such as the mustache or jaw area in women, (men cannot IPL these areas).

It also has a sensor that measures skin tone throughout hair removal to adjust the intensity even if you have different tones in different areas of the body, so you won’t have to adjust it manually.

In addition, it includes a quality cover for storage and a blade for shaving prior to hair removal.

The worst thing about this machine is that the power it has is somewhat fair (4 J / cm 2). We usually recommend a power in IPL epilators of 5 J / cm 2. This does not mean that you do not get results, but it is probably not as effective and you need more sessions and reviews. It’s also not wireless, which makes waxing less accessible in certain areas; but it is not something that really affects the result.


  • High number of shots (300,000)
  • Extra precision head
  • Automatic skin color sensor
  • Includes quality sheath and blade


  • It is not wireless
  • Just power (4 J / cm 2)

Remington IPL6000

This is Ideal for traveling. Optimal balance between number of shots, power and precision; in addition to a comfortable travel case.

Remington IPL6000

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The Remington IPL6000 i-Light Prestige is Remington’s best laser epilator for value for money. This is a practically the same epilator as the previous model in terms of the important features that you really have to look at.

Although the Remington IPL6500 i-Light is slightly more expensive in most stores, it is not necessarily better. For us the Remington IPL6000 i-Light Prestige is the best laser epilator of this brand due to 3 improvements:

Head for the bikini area of 2 cm2. It is always appreciated that the head fits perfectly to the shape of each part of your body.

High quality briefcase, which is ideal for traveling or simply having everything much better organized.

Smallest epilator base. It’s also not a great improvement unless you don’t have a lot of storage space. In addition, it makes it less cumbersome than the previous one.

Although the Remington IPL6000 i-Light Prestige is a little better, there is not a very high quality jump compared to the previous model. Therefore, unless you are clear that this is the one that best suits your needs, do not hesitate to buy the previous one if you find it with a better offer.


  • Very adjusted price for the quality it has
  • High number of flashes (300,00)
  • The most powerful (up to 8 J / cm 2)
  • Quality briefcase for storage
  • 2 extra heads: facial and bikini area


  • It has a sensor but at the base (more uncomfortable)
  • It is not wireless
  • Minimum 2 seconds between shots

braun silk epil 9 epilator Electric

For users with very light hair or with very dark skin who are not suitable for the IPL system and who prefer to opt for an electric machine but that offers the best results and experience on the market.

braun silk epil 9 epilator Electric

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Silk epil is the name of the model that has given its name to the entire category of electric epilators. Today there are already many varieties of this model. Of all of them, we are left with the latest version (9), specifically the Wet & Dry model.

The model incorporates the largest number of tweezers per roller on the market (40) and, thanks to its extended width, allows the epilation process to be much faster.

You can use this machine both wet and dry wirelessly for 50 minutes.  It includes a vibration technology that reduces skin tension and minimizes pain during hair removal.

In addition, it is capable of plucking hair from 0.5 mm and its pivoting head allows a good close-up, in the most irregular and curved areas of the skin. The light on the head will also be useful to ensure that no hair is left without waxing.

Its main drawback is the price. You should also know that this model is the most sold to users accustomed to electric hair removal, so they are used to it and their level of tolerance to pain is higher. That is why they prefer a faster machine even if that means more hassle.


  • Vibration system to reduce pain
  • High number of clamps on the main head (40)
  • Wireless
  • waterproof
  • Precision light


  • Higher price (high-end)
  • Too much hair removal for inexperienced (due to pain)

philips satinelle prestige epilator electric

For users with very light hair or with very dark skin, who are not suitable for the IPL system but who want to have a homemade machine that helps them prolong the epilation time.

philips satinelle prestige epilator

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One of the world’s best beauty care brands backs the Philips Satinelle Prestige. This model is, in our opinion, the best model in terms of value for money of electric epilators.

The head of this machine has 32 tweezers and a slightly wider width than other models, which favors faster hair removal. It allows to pluck hairs longer than 0.5 mm, which makes it more effective than wax.

It is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower without problems. Its battery has an autonomy of up to 40 minutes, enough for the entire process.

It is one of those that incorporates the most number of heads and additional accessories: 8 in total; massager, exfoliation, precision for sensitive areas.

However, the precision heads that it incorporates for special areas (such as groin or armpits) are sometimes difficult to adjust and remain fixed. You will have to have a little patience to place them.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of hair, you may need to take several passes to obtain a perfect result, although thanks to the precision light it incorporates you will be able to see if you are leaving any hair on the way.


  • Vibration system to reduce pain
  • Good number of clamps on the main head (32)
  • Wireless, waterproof and with precision light
  • Good variety of heads and accessories


  • Need for several passes
  • Weak fixation of precision heads


Buying Guide

In this buying guide, you will solve all your doubts so that you can choose the best epilator that best suits your needs.

We also remind you that, in this other post, we give you advice and recommendations on how to use your epilator when you have bought it, to ensure the care of your skin and guarantee an optimal result.

Main differences

  • Result

They are methods that achieve different results.

The IPL is oriented to look for definitive or permanent results (never to wax again or, at most, to take a refresher from time to time).

On the other hand, electric epilators pull out the hair by the roots and achieve lasting results – of about 3 or 4 weeks – but not definitive.

  • Phototypes

However, IPL is not effective on all skin types. Although it encompasses various combinations of hair tone and skin color, it is especially suitable for dark hair on fair skin. That is, you need a certain contrast between hair and skin for the light to block hair growth.

On the other hand, electric epilators are suitable for all phototypes, since their system is limited to tearing the hair from the skin with a roller with dozens of mini tweezers.

If you meet the qualifying phototype requirements, we recommend that you opt for IPL. That is why you will see that the first 3 models in our selection are epilators that use this system.

However, in the selection of this post we also include the 2 best models of electric epilators so that you have an alternative if your hair is very light or your skin is very dark.

  • Pain

The truth is that both methods can be somewhat annoying. It is something that depends a lot on each user and their tolerance to pain.

The pain produced by an IPL will depend on the power or intensity selected based on your prototype. With low intensity, it will hardly be noticeable. In addition, there are painless areas, such as legs or arms, and other more sensitive areas such as groin and armpits.

For its part, the pain of electric epilators is quite similar to the pain of removing hair with tweezers, but multiplied, since it simultaneously pulls out many hairs. Users who use this method repeatedly get used to it, but the first few times it can be quite painful.

In any case, whether you are using an electric epilator or an IPL, you may need to hydrate your skin well after each epilation. In this regard, we recommend that you look at the Perfect Skin website, where you will find comparisons and analyzes on specialized products for the proper care of your skin.

  • Price

Another relevant difference is in the price.

The technology of IPL epilators means that those that are good and effective (high-end), have a much higher price than electric epilators. They can cost double or triple.

However, they also achieve definitive results, which is why, in our opinion, the investment savings in the end and, above all, in time, more than compensate.

IPL epilator

  • Number of shots in IPL epilators

The number of shots it allows to take will determine the lifespan of an IPL epilator. The greater the number of shots, the greater the durability, the more areas you can cover and the more reviews it will allow you to do over time.

We recommend that you choose a machine that will allow you between 200,000 and 400,000 shots.

  • Intensity and power

The intensity of an IPL is determined by its light fluence; the amount of energy emitted by each square centimeter of skin.

This characteristic is directly related to the ability to reduce hair growth. Household epilators are normally between 2.5 J / cm 2 and 8 J / cm 2.

Our recommendation is that you choose a model that has different levels of intensity and that the maximum reaches, at least, 5 J / cm 2.

  • In which areas can I epilate with IPL?

Homemade IPL epilators are practically indicated for the main areas of the body: shoulders, chest, belly, back, arms, groin, armpits and legs. Women can also use it in the neck, jaw and mustache area.

However, men will NOT be able to use it in these facial areas since the density of hair in their case is much higher and they could get burns and wounds on the skin.

They are NOT recommended in any case for use in ears / ears, perianal area and testicles. We also do not recommend its use for the eyebrows, due to its proximity to the eyes.

  • Are home IPL epilators safe?

Homemade permanent hair removal machines are very safe as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and warnings: appropriate phototype, permitted and prohibited areas, and user guide.

Obviously, the higher-end ones, which are the ones we include in this ranking, will offer more protection and care technologies.

  • Heads and accessories

One aspect that may be relevant to analyze when choosing your IPL model is that it includes an extra head that makes it easier to wax certain areas.

If you are a woman and you are going to use it for the mustache or jaw area (men refrain from waxing this area), it will be convenient to include a head that allows greater precision and protection. There are also some models, which incorporate curved heads to improve efficiency in areas such as the knees or armpits.

electric epilator

  • Precision light

Some models incorporate a light in the upper part of the head that improves visibility while you epilate. This will allow you to achieve a more lasting and professional result.

  • Waterproof

It is one of the characteristics that users value the most.

If your machine is waterproof, you can shave in the shower, something that will facilitate hair removal, reduce pain and make cleaning after waxing more comfortable.

  • Wireless

Cordless epilators are also usually waterproof and, although it is a great advantage to be able to use it in the shower and it allows you not to have cables bothering you, it is normal that you cannot use it with a cable to avoid accidents.

This will cause the useful life of your machine to be subject to the quality and durability of the battery; being less long-lived than a cable one.

  • Heads and accessories

Some models incorporate extra heads to improve precision and care in delicate areas (armpits, groin and face), shaving … Look at these details when choosing the right model for your needs and the use you want to give it.

If you want the process to be faster, it will be important that you pay attention to the number of clamps that the main head incorporates. The model with the most clamps includes 40.

Sometimes they also include accessories for exfoliating the skin (body and / or facial brush), for foot care (anti-hardness file).

  • Anti-pain system

For newbies to this method of hair removal, it will be especially useful to look at the technologies that each model incorporates to reduce pain.

Some incorporate rollers with a massage effect to reduce tightness, others apply cold to reduce sensitivity or introduce speed levels that allow adapting to the degree of tolerance of hair removal of each user.

What is the best hair removal system?

There are two types of hair removal by light: by laser and by pulsed light, although almost all of the machines that you will find will be within this second group.

  • Pulsed light epilators

Also known as photo epilation or IPL for its acronym in English Intense Pulsed Light. In this case, the type of light beam travels in all directions, which means that it works for different types of skin and hair , which is  what we are interested in.

IPL Advantages

  • It serves a wider range of phototypes: that is, it supports dark blonde, brown and black hair.
  • In addition, it covers more surface and, therefore, the process in each session is faster.
  • They are the most widespread, popular and economical on the market.

Disadvantages IPL

  • It is not as effective as laser and, therefore, usually requires more sessions (although of much shorter duration each).
  • Its useful life depends on the number of shots of each model. However, from 200,000 shots you should have more than enough.
  • Laser epilators

In this case, the beam is focused on a single point, which makes it easier to absorb by the melanin of the skin and this translates into a more precise and, ultimately, more effective process.

Laser Advantages

  • It is most effective in the appropriate phototype (light skin and very dark hair). In these cases, fewer sessions are required compared to IPL.
  • There is no limit on the number of shots.

Laser Disadvantages

  • Each shot covers a very small area of ​​skin, making it more time consuming and time consuming for each shaving session. Main reason why many users abandon this method.
  • It is not effective on light hair or dark skin.
  • It is much more expensive and there are hardly any brands, which market domestic laser epilators. The most common is to see them in specialized clinics.


What is the number of shots for IPL epilators?

The number of shots is closely related to the useful life of the device and, therefore the number of refresher sessions that you will be able to do in the future and the number of areas that you can wax.

That is, the greater the number of shots, the greater the durability.

However, the price also increases as the number of shots increases. Our advice is that you do not buy IPL epilators of less than 200,000 shots. Unless you are, clear that you are only going to use it in a few specific areas of the body (such as the chest or back).

If you want long-term results, you need perseverance and that the epilator allows you to do the necessary sessions and reviews. Therefore, your epilator should deliver between 200,000 and 400,000 shots.

What intensity and power do I need for my epilator?

The main thing to measure the intensity of an IPL epilator is its light fluence; or in other words, the amount of energy emitted by each square centimeter of skin.

This characteristic is relevant because it has a direct relationship with the ability to eliminate hair growth. The range is quite wide between 2.5 J and cm 2 and 8 J / cm 2.

Our recommendation is to opt for a model that incorporates different levels of intensity and that the maximum level reaches a minimum of 5 J / cm 2.

With values ​​lower than that amount, results can still be achieved, the problem is that depending on the skin tone and hair color, its effectiveness drops considerably and, almost certainly, you will require a greater number of sessions.

But beware! More is not always better; if the light is too intense and your skin tone is rather light, you can get a burn. Also, the higher the intensity, the greater the level of pain or discomfort.

The important thing is to find the balance that fits each one or the machine tells you.

High-end IPLs are very skin-friendly, thanks to the built- in sensor that adjusts the intensity to your skin tone.

Cordless or cordless epilator and shaver?

The wireless have the advantage that they are more comfortable, since they provide better handling and better reach all areas of your body without a cable that is bothering through.

They will also allow you to wax in places where you may not have a plug very handy. In the case of laser epilators, before each use / session, make sure that it is 100% charged so as not to be left half.

In the case of razors, it is also recommended that they be fully charged. However, thanks to models like the Philips MG7770 / 15 this is not necessary thanks to its 300 minutes of autonomy, so you can do between 5 and 8 full body shaves without charging it.

In the case of razors, the fact that they are wireless is already a reality in almost all models. Which is not the case in IPL epilators and is an extra that makes the price quite expensive and is not so essential to obtain results.

What should be the autonomy of body shavers?

As we have already mentioned, the most common is that all high-end epilators are wireless.

Some razors can be used while charging; the problem is that when they are waterproof the manufacturer does not allow charging while in use for safety reasons.

At this point, the criterion is obvious: the more autonomy the better. If you are going to use it for a full body shave, it can take even an hour and, therefore, autonomy is a key element to take into account.

In addition, many body shavers end up dying over time as their autonomy plummets.

Are home IPL epilators safe?

Almost all of us have ever used a body shaver to shave our chest, men or even our legs. However, not all men have used a pulsed light epilator before and they may have some mistrust.

The answer is yes. Currently IPL hair removal machines for the home are very safe as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and warnings and use them in the way and in the indicated areas.

As you can imagine, the higher-end ones will offer more protection and care technologies incorporating sensors to adjust the intensity to the hair and skin tone automatically, even stopping if they do not detect skin or it is not suitable for use.

Most of them specify that it is not necessary to wear protective glasses. But if you want to be overly cautious, you can wear goggles.

We insist once again that you always follow the recommendations before, during and after IPL hair removal, as we develop in this post.

Can I use the IPL or laser hair removal system in summer?

When summer approaches, many are struck by this doubt.

Some models have been designed for summer use, such as the Philips Lumea Prestige BRI954 / 00 .

In any case, you always have to take certain extra precautions, especially if your skin has been burned or red from the sun. In addition, you should not expose yourself to the sun directly the first days after the waxing session.

Our recommendation is that you read what the manufacturer of your IPL epilator says about it.

Once again, in our user guide you will find more detailed information on this aspect.

What is your budget? How much money should you invest?

There is a big budget difference between body shavers and IPL or laser epilators. Which makes sense, since while the former trim the hair, the latter removes it permanently after several sessions.

Regarding IPL epilators, the cheaper and lower quality models can last a few sessions or months.

Although there are significant price differences between the lower and higher ranges, we strongly recommend that you invest in a good IPL epilator: you can tell the difference in terms of results and still represent a very significant savings in the long term.

In IPL epilators, the saying “cheap can be expensive” fits perfectly.

The models mid-high range IPL start from 300 to 700 $. The lower priced ones usually do not provide real results and can even cause skin damage.

When it comes to body shavers, high-end models start at € 80-100.

Are they unisex or are there specific models for men or women?

It is a 100% unisex product, so if you are a man and you are looking for permanent hair removal from the comfort of your home, you should opt for this type of hair removal.

The only difference is that men need to pay attention to two important issues:

Hair removal areas: men will not be able to use these machines for the facial area. Having more hair density in this area can cause skin damage. The rest of the “forbidden” areas are common in both sexes: ears, genital or perianal areas, eyebrows.

The number of shots / sessions : men have a higher density of body hair and in more areas (chest, shoulders, back), so in this case a greater number of shots is important, in order to cover the entire body with the sessions that are necessary.

In which areas of the body can I use IPL epilators and razors?

There are two types of hair removal by light: by laser and by pulsed light, although almost all of the machines that you will find will be within this second group.


Home IPL epilators are recommended for almost all body hair: shoulders, chest, belly, back, arms, groin, armpits and legs.

Men will NOT be able to use it in these facial areas since the density of hair in their case is much higher and burns and wounds could be made on the skin of the face.

They are NOT recommended in any case for use in ears / ears, perianal area and testicles. We also do not recommend doing the eyebrows, due to their proximity to the eyes.

For all these areas, it is more advisable to go to a specialized professional clinic.


These are recommended for the entire body, including the genital and perianal areas, as well as the face.

However, if you are going to use your razor in delicate areas such as the genitals and armpits, it is recommended that it incorporate a head like the one shown below.


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