7 Best Gym Equipment for Abs and Love Handles in 2021

Best Gym Equipment for Abs and Love Handles

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Best Gym Equipment for Abs and Love Handles

If you have decided to lead a healthy lifestyle and a balanced exercise routine, you are probably thinking of buying an abdominal machine, this can become the ideal tool to renew your life, as it will help you to strengthen the central core already improve your posture, integrally regenerating your health and body aesthetics.

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We all want a flat and toned stomach, that’s why every December we usually include in our list of resolutions for the new year, get fit and regulate our diet. We know that getting fit it is a complex task, defining your abs requires hard work, planning, commitment and tools to help you achieve your goal, do not despair, you have come to the right place.

It will no longer be necessary to pay expensive gym memberships or juggle your time, now you can exercise your body from the comfort of your home with the best abdominal machine.

If your training is not yielding the desired results it is time to add a spark of innovation to your routine, you can achieve this, equipping your home with a machine to tone your abdomen. But how to choose the perfect machine for you, when the current market is overflowing with options. Today we show you what relevant data you should take into account when choosing the most appropriate abdominal trainer.

Before making the final decision on which machine to take home, consider the following factors: The brand, portability, weight and dimensions, the type of model and how versatile it is. If it offers any warranty, the cost and the general opinion of the user community.

Our purpose is to help you make the best decision, so that you are pleased with your investment and take home a product that responds to all your needs. Consult our comparative selection and find in it the best machine for your training.

Best Gym Equipment for Abs and Love Handles

FLYBIRD Weight Bench

It is very difficult to know which the best abdominal training machine is. There are many products on the market and there are many, which deserve the podium. An element that could make us think that we are facing the most advanced product is the price.

FLYBIRD Weight Bench

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But it’s not always like this. Sometimes there are lesser-known and cheap products that are designed to be high-end.

Other times the brand is a guarantee of unmatched quality. Different models have been examined to understand what the market offers and which the best performing product is. Among them, the FLYBIRD Weight Bench is one of the most compelling.

A truly exceptional product that offers an excellent training tool that will hardly make you regret the decision to buy.

It is a multi-position bench with unlimited exercise options, which includes a declined abdominal bench, that is, it is a multipurpose bench. This machine will allow you to take your routine to the highest level, and develop strong and defined 6-pack abs.


  • A solid, strong, and robust machine won’t let you down when you really need to push yourself to your limits in your abs routine.
  • It is an extremely well built machine, adjustable for people of different heights.
  • It will allow full abdominal and back training, as well as the option to use as a weight bench for other routines.


  • For sit-ups or decline press, you may face difficulties.

leikefitness Height Adjustable Ab Trainer

Among the models we have compared, the one made by leikefitness has particularly convinced us, thanks to its versatility. It allows you to select five different settings that allow you to decide on a more or less intense level of physical effort and therefore the difficulty of performing the exercise.

leikefitness Height Adjustable Ab Trainer

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Thanks to its design, guarantees greater resistance (supports people weighing up to 100 kilos ), better performance and obvious results, provided it is used consistently. It is easy to install, the tool is also appreciated for its compact dimensions, especially when closed.

In this way, it is very easy to find a place to place it when it is not being used, perhaps by placing it between one piece of furniture and another.

Many of those who bought the leikefitness have praised the LCD display in which they report data on the number of repetitions done, the time spent and the calories consumed.

Highly appreciated by consumers for the effectiveness of the results, the Ultrasport abdominal machine is on the market at a fairly affordable price.

There are five different levels that allow the user to select the intensity of the physical effort and.

leikefitness is a versatile tool because it allows you to train not only the abdomen but also other muscle groups, particularly legs, arms, back and glutes.

The design of the leikefitness model is particularly compact and has the advantage of not taking up much space at home. After the exercise is over, it can be folded up and placed between the cabinets.

The LCD screen is very useful because, with a quick glance, it allows you to see the repetitions performed, the elapsed time and the calories consumed; ideal for effectively monitoring your training.


  • Combined training of back, arms, hips, abdomen, legs and glutes in a single exercise.
  • Combine cardiac exercise and toning
  • Suitable for any level of training
  • Workout computer with LCD display: reps / minute, time display, calorie counter
  • Easy to store after training


  • Taller person may face difficulties

Body Sculpture Ab Wheel

We include in the list of the best cheap abdominal machines this wheel with handles, ideal for exercising on the floor. Easy to use, without any complications.

Body Sculpture Ab Wheel

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Ab Wheel or Ab Roller extremely durable, non-slip, soft on the ground and silent while you use it.

Thanks to this abs wheel, you can also train your arms, chest, shoulders and back. Its wheels are larger than those of other similar models are. It glides well on the ground and is particularly stable.

It is an abs training tool suitable for all levels. All you need to do is warm up before starting the exercise and, if you are a beginner. It is best to start gradually and then increase the duration of use, as the muscles of your abdomen get stronger.

Its handles are ergonomic and provide a stable grip and excellent comfort while using it. It is easy to transport and you can take it with you on your workouts away from home, to the gym, to the park or on vacation.

If you want to have a toned and fat-free abdomen, without spending a lot of money and exercising comfortably at home or wherever you want, Ab roller is the best option for you.


  • Lightweight TPR Exercise Wheel
  • Helps contract and exercise abdominal muscles
  • It also helps to strengthen shoulders and back
  • Lightweight and portable


  • For some users the handles are short

Core Max Abs Machine

This abdominal machine allows you to combine 8 exercises and uses a two-way resistance, so that with 8 minutes a day you can achieve results in half the time.

Core Max Abs Machine

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Power-assisted rebound system gives resistance & support in both maximizing results, directions and minimizing strain.

Modify your routine with three resistance levels. Burn calories and firm up while you’re sitting down.

Core Max 2. 0 comes with digital download workout videos, a nutritional guide and FAST results workout chart

Core Max 2. 0 is designed nicely with ease and function in mind. You can easily store it in small spaces and take it out daily.


  • Assisted rebound system provides resistance and support in both directions
  • Training with 3 resistance levels
  • Exercises abs, glutes, pecs and lumbar, cycle / cardio, legs, arms, shoulders and triceps, abductors.
  • Easy to store


  • None featured


We continue to talk on this occasion about electronic instruments that stimulate our abdominal muscles with low-voltage electrical pulses, instruments also known as electro stimulators, which use a type of technology that finds its origin in the need to help professional athletes to regain tone and muscle strength after injuries.


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All this combining an electronic effect or not (using the material of the belt itself) to create a localized heating that helps the fusion of abdominal fat.

In this case, we are also talking about a product that is based on EMS technology and that will stimulate your abdominal muscles through electrodes placed in each of the main muscular areas of the waist.

This operating principle allows you to train your muscles passively but especially gently, avoiding any invasive intervention on the muscles and allowing them to grow in a balanced way both in tone and in strength.

The Domas has eight different interrelated workout programs that allow you to vary your training throughout the week in a reasoned way.


  • Easy to use with LCD screen
  • Flexible material with velcro closure
  • Results in short periods of time
  • The strength level is adjustable
  • Easy maintenance


  • Some users complain of lack of results and that over time, the most advanced and maximum intensity program falls short

BalanceFrom Abdominal Crunch Machine

This ab crunch allows you to train your abs, strengthen your spine and optimize your lower back muscles. Speeds up metabolism and helps get rid of fat areas.

BalanceFrom Abdominal Crunch Machine

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Its structure is made in such a way that it does not strain the spine.

It is covered with foam to ensure a good grip on the ground. Its quality is also guaranteed by the great brand to which it belongs.

When you stop training, you can disassemble it and store it in a small space where it is more comfortable.

If it is such a product that your home gym is missing, then this is one of the most effective tools; you can choose from.


  • Simple and effective
  • Low weight
  • Stows anywhere and takes up little space
  • Easy installation with a few simple screws
  • Reasonable price


  • Nothing remarkable, its effectiveness depends on the use of each user

Sunny Health & Fitness Roman Chair

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-BH6629 abdominal exercise machine is a practical and functional exercise machine, highly recommended to have at home. Thanks to its 3-in-1 device, it offers the great advantage of having the functions of several exercise machines, integrated into one.

Sunny Health & Fitness Roman Chair

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It is ideal for back work, abdominal and body building exercises, glute development and many other personal training options. Contains padded material, highly recommended for comfortable use and to get in shape easily.

A large, ergonomically designed pad provides the best support during exercises. For greater stability, its rubber feet are non-slip. This back and abdomen trainer has five levels of difficulty and is very easy to store.

Its modern, technological and functional design has a quick release mechanism, so that it can be stored very easily.

As for the action on the ground, as we have seen, wide rubber feet prevent any type of scratching or damage.

To aid in leg and foot exercises, the SF-BH6629 tummy tuck can be tailored to the athlete and the exercise being performed.

It adapts to the legs, by means of a footrest that allows the option of inclination, with the appropriate angle in each case.

In the case of muscular exercises, 5 different angles of inclination will make possible a more intense muscular training, with all the possible development for each athlete.

Always with maximum security and avoiding any kind of risks. Finally, this back and abdomen trainer has been manufactured to support a range of high weights, up to 250 kilos.

For all its characteristics, the ease of assembly and use, and the security it offers, we highly recommend it. An excellent option to get in shape.


  • Fits anyone to anyone’s height for abs
  • Good padding
  • Very comfortable
  • Non-slip grips
  • Ideal for doing lumbar and all kinds of abdominal exercises


  • It presents problems for the knees for tall people when it comes to doing lower backs, the bench being somewhat low.


Buying Guide

Without a doubt, nutrition plays a fundamental role. Foods that cause bloating, poor water intake and foods that contain plant fibers do not help. It must also be said that genetic predisposition has a great influence on the formation of the abdomen.

In fact, there are those who tend to accumulate fat in that area. With the passage of time, your favorite skirt or pants begins to “pull” and to have problems to fit you.

But don’t despair, your abs can improve. It is enough to follow a correct diet, eat healthy foods capable of absorbing the air produced by the fermentation of food and carry out specific exercises constantly.

The health of your abdominal abs is very important because it depends on the support of the spine and the maintenance of the correct posture. They keep these muscles in a very strong position and counteract the appearance of back pain.

The most common abdominal exercises consist of the traditional flexion of the floor, with the knees bent and the hands behind the neck.

From this position you should bring your torso forward, being careful not to force your neck.

Beginners who do not have sufficient abdominal strength have difficulty performing this exercise correctly.

To overcome this problem, several tools have been invented that I want to propose in this article and that you can use at home.

Improving one’s health also implies constant training, well thought out according to physical characteristics or degree of physical preparation.

Choosing the right tool that allows you to train your abdomen without forcing other muscles is a good start, we will explain what you should not miss for your instrument to be effective and make the right choice in the choice of which abdominal machine to buy, although you must also put your good will and a lot of perseverance.

exercise machine for stomach abs

What machines to use at the gym for abs?

We usually have a preconceived image of what we think of as a home machine for exercise or abdominal work, regardless of the significant variety there is when it comes to these types of machines.

Abdominal wheel

It is a small wheel with grips. This tests your ability to maintain proper form and muscle tension through your midsection, including your lower back.

Roman chair or hyperextension machine

If you are looking to strengthen your abs and posterior hips, that is, all the muscles that comprise your erector spinae and buttocks, it will be better for you to opt for this type of abdominal machine that, in addition, offers a better posture and, consequently, reduces back pain.

Power tower

With just one piece of equipment, you can work a wide range of muscles. With this machine, you can do push-ups, jumps, and knee raises.

Abdominal chair

You can do sit-ups while you are sure that this equipment can give good support to your head, neck and back.

Abdominal slider

This machine, in appearance, bears a resemblance to exercise bikes. It is made up of a knee pad, handles and a curved track, almost like a rowing machine. The movement of the bow is started by grasping the two handles to slide along the track and turning to the sides, allowing all abdominal areas to be worked.

Abdominal roller

Helps reduce or avoid neck tension and targets upper abs.

What to look for in a good abdominal machine?

It is not about buying a machine of each model for your home gym, sometimes only one that is key is enough. To get the home abdominal trainer you need, you have to pay attention to the following:


Lack of a good reputation and trinkets are a red flag. Also, a good abdominal machine will be made of premium materials, such as steel.


A gym equipment, whether to work lower or upper abs, will always be an important investment so it will be ideal to get the most out of it. That is why it will be convenient a machine that does not only target the abs, but with which you can sculpt and build your arms, thighs and other areas.


Not all of them can fit on your floor or your home exercise room, so you should choose an abdominal machine considering the dimensions of the place.

Easy to use

The main idea is to use your abs machine every day, so it should be easy to use so you don’t end up giving up. Ideally, it should be easy to assemble and disassemble, and even easy to store.


Safety is the main thing, so the machine must stay in place, even though you are hitting it hard. The idea is that there is no risk of falling alone. For those who are starting an exercise routine, this can even be decisive in terms of being sure of what you are doing and giving you greater comfort.

Who benefits from using abdominal machines?

In principle, we could venture to say that anyone who wants to tone their abdominal muscles. But this person may have certain characteristics in particular.


For travelers interested in having a sculpted body, outdoor activities or walking may not be enough to sculpt your figure, a folding abdominal machine is the solution.


Combining a busy work schedule with domestic obligations and physical exercise can be difficult. With an abdominal machine at home, it can be much easier to find a time to exercise from the comfort of home.


Most conditioning coaches say it, the abs should work. In fact, toned abs and a strong core affect every other workout you perform, which is why an abdominal machine helps you take advantage of any moment to continue a solid routine.

Who want to avoid the gym

You may not have the time or you just hate the gym, which is why the perfect option is to have an abdominal machine at home that saves you the gym membership.

People with chronic back problems

Exercising your abs and having a strong core will save you from being confined to a chair. It allows developing greater mobility and flexibility in the body.

Beginners starting an exercise regimen

When you start exercising, it can all get a bit overwhelming. In addition to the expense of paying for a membership and a personal trainer. Buying a crunch machine will allow you to train in privacy and intimacy, so you can do it at your own pace.

Anyone who wants to look and feel good

We already anticipated it at the beginning, but definitely, a machine of this magnitude is ideal for anyone who wants to look good, who seeks to sculpt his or her body or a more closed torso.

What are the benefits of an abdominal machine?

There are many advantages to having your own abs machine, in addition to doing you as good as you want. A machine of these can do much more for you than you think, for example, it can add a touch of comfort to your training, because you do it at home, without moving.

This immediately brings us another advantage and that is that it lowers the cost of training, you will not have to spend on gasoline or public transport tickets to go to a gym. As we have anticipated, it also eliminates the cost of a gym membership or having to hire a personal trainer.

The day and time of training is up to you, that’s why it is also really convenient. On the other hand, an abdominal machine allows you to focus on a greater variety of muscles, while gaining support and protection for your neck and back muscles during training. Not to mention how fun it can be! Pin your music as loud as you like and train at your own pace.

Do Abs Machines Really Work?

There is an open debate on the operation or the effectiveness of this type of machine. There are many that are offered on television or on the internet, some with very bad comments that cloud the rest.

The first thing is to overcome the false idea that many advertisers have forged that this type of automatic machines are capable, by themselves, of melting the fat from your waist. But the truth is that magic, in this case, has no place. You will need to make an effort and have a balanced diet.

Additionally, body fat must be burned with a lot of cardiovascular work that will pump your heart and lungs for energy. This, combined with the abdominal exercises, will really make a difference. And it is that abdominal exercises will reinforce and shape the abdominal muscles and they will look great when you manage to burn the covering of body fat that overshadows them.

As a good additional tip, it is advisable to include in your workouts one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise to burn fat, such as High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT.

We are talking about a type of training that involves performing an aerobic exercise, such as running, at a very strong and fast pace for a period of about 20 seconds, and then resting for a shorter period, which can be about 10 seconds. It should be done in multiple repetitions.

So are they effective? Yes, as long as it is accompanied by cardiovascular exercise and a balanced diet, low in saturated fat.


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