Daily food routine for good health and you must incorporate in your life

Having healthy habits is vital to lead a healthy and young life regardless of the age we have. There are many ways to take care of our health to keep in shape and with this enjoy a better physical condition, good image, and more energy when doing any activity. Today we are going to present your daily food routine for good health that will help you enjoy your life better, the only thing you will need is will and discipline.

Essential Habits

Eating unhurried: The digestion begins in the mouth, chewing. In addition, if we eat quickly we get badly chewed food, produces gas and the digestive process is already bad. “Eating slowly allows you to eat less and helps maintain proper weight.”

Sleeping: This is the other way, along with food, which allows us to recover from energy wear. The healthy thing is to rest between 7 and 9 hours a day. “Sleeping causes some people to try to compensate for the lack of sleep with an excess of food, something that favors being overweight.”

Hydration: It is necessary to maintain an adequate water level necessary, among other things, to restore fluid losses through urine, sweat, breathing … and that varies according to age, sex, physical activity or temperature Exterior.

Little dinner: since if we go to sleep the caloric expenditure that we are going to have will be minimal, only the basal expenditure that generates the functioning of our organs. “I recommend light dining at least 5 days a week and the other to allow us some appetizing license. In addition, little dinner is a unique light dish. ”

Eating daily: this is what the dietitian calls the habit of going to the bathroom. “Go once or twice a day or at least once every three days. It is not advisable to retain the bolus because, in the end, it can lead to illness. In addition, it is important to take fiber and accompany it with an adequate water level. It is important to know what we eat but also to control that we decompose with the appropriate frequency “.

Exercise: Physical activity, war to the sedentariness and maintenance of the musculature. “If we control the input of calories, we also output. I advise one hour a day, three days a week: walking, swimming, running, bike …”

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daily food routine for good health

Tips for good nutrition

 Respect the four meals

Why should we eat four times a day? (Breakfast – lunch – snack – dinner and whenever possible make collations in the middle of morning and afternoon).
Many people believe that to ‘keep the line’ or lose weight it is best to stop eating at some times of the day or avoid dinner or breakfast, the fact is that, with sauteing some of the meals, they are not achieved expected results.

It is very frequent that when skipping or avoiding some food, the next we eat too much, and that surplus our organism store it and deposit as fat. That is, our body if every day at a certain time you notice that you lack energy, economize, Spends less and stores surplus; And those results are seen around the abdomen, in the abdominal fat.

Therefore, when we need to lose weight it is much better to decrease the amount of food that is eaten than to skip some food.

If we distribute the energy throughout the day with the four meals, our metabolism stays stable and there will not be excesses of Kcal to store.

 Eat the great variety of foods.

Salad The consumption of varied foods ensures the correct incorporation of vitamins and minerals. For more reference, see the Nutrition Pyramid.

 Trying to maintain ideal weight.

The person should be determined the proportion of fat that contains your body to know your ideal weight. In the case of athletes, it is advisable not to exceed 15% fat weight. It is therefore always recommended that you visit your doctor or nutritionist.

 Avoid excess saturated fat.

The hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol rate) is acquired, in most cases at an early age. To avoid it, we recommend:

 Choosing Lean Meat

 Eat fish and birds

 Moderate consumption of eggs and viscera (liver, kidneys, brains, etc.)

 Cook grilled, grilled, baked or boiled food instead of fried

 You can consume vegetable oils (olive, corn, sunflower)

 Limit consumption of butter or margarine.

 Consume skim milk

 Try to consume a portion of fish daily, even if it is canned.

 Consume, if possible daily, oat bran.

daily food routine for good health

 Eat foods with enough plant fiber

Choose foods that are a source of plant fibers and rich in complex carbohydrates
 Bread

 Vegetables

 Salads

 Cereals and pulses

 Fruits

 Avoiding excess sugar

Avoiding does not mean suppressing, but the main carbohydrate intake is advised either based on:

 Fruits

 Cereals

 Rice

 Bread

 Biscuits

 Pasta and farinaceous

 If it is customary to consume alcoholic beverages, remember that it is not correct to drink daily, more than three consumption of alcohol.

 Avoid salt in excess.

Only after having made a physical effort is it justified to eat salty foods.

 Do not exceed 20% protein in

Relation to total daily calories. In turn, the content of animal proteins should not exceed one-third of the total protein per day.

 Perform physical activity according to your physical, age and preferences.

Depending on your age, your tastes, your physical condition, your work, your availability of schedules, look for and maintain some type of physical activity.

 Take into account the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

Do not overdo or suppress food categories. Respect the requirements of vitamins and minerals that your body has.

Do not forget…

Buying properly: Not only healthy and nutritious products, also at the time of making the purchase influences, for example, if at that moment we are hungry, there will be more risk of choosing foods more caloric. To the purchase, with a full stomach and a written and organized list.

Analyze food source choices: Traditional natural products now compete in markets with some organic foods that certify that they are free of chemical agents and have a more authentic taste. Also zero kilometer product, the nearby is another option to take home. “Nor should we think that any non-organic food is not healthy, it is a matter of choosing the different options with common sense.”

Most people are not aware of habits that are good for health and/or do not consider them. We must be clear that our health depends very much on the way of life that we take, for this reason, it is very important to learn to care regardless of the age in which we are.

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