Fat Burning Workouts At Home for Beginners (Man and Woman)

As an example, we propose two circuits of all exercises so that you can train at home in a complete, simple and economic way with the means described. Perform several rotations until you get a total exercise time between 20 and 30 minutes. In this article, we provide you some fat burning workouts at home for beginners and we give you useful information to get your results.

In addition to improving strength levels and muscle tone, these types of circuits greatly increase the metabolic cost. The effects on the increase of the muscular tone manage to raise the basal caloric consumption that in resting state is supplied mainly of the deposits of reserve fat. Therefore, if your goal is to tone and burn fat, this type of circuit training with strength-resistance work is a great solution. On the one hand, they provide a high caloric intake for their cardiovascular component and on the other hand,

We are going to present the material resources that we believe are most interesting considering two criteria that we have considered key for the majority. On the one hand, the economic criterion, the most valued are the means that offer us many possibilities of work at a minimum cost. On the other hand, if they are active and not passive, we have avoided means of passive gymnastics or in which the stimulus is external to the movement generated by the person, are usual means of a high cost, excessively artificial and uninteresting from a point of Driving view

The three physical qualities we can train to achieve our goals are strength work, cardiovascular improvement, and increased flexibility. We will try to offer the means that we consider most interesting for the work of these qualities so that you can see how to achieve your goals in a realistic, practical and, above all, economic.

Great fitness enhancements can be achieved by training at home, but realistically, as our fitness level rises and we set higher goals, it will become necessary to resort to the means of working a fitness room. In the gym, we will always have more possibilities, alternatives, and safety in the exercises. However, realistically, as our level of fitness rises and we set higher goals, it will become necessary to resort to the work of a fitness room. In the gym, we will always have more possibilities, alternatives, and safety in the exercises. However, realistically, as our level of fitness rises and we set higher goals, it will become necessary to resort to the work of a fitness room. In the gym, we will always have more possibilities, alternatives, and safety in the exercises.

However, in the aspect of the motor and postural control, working with self-loads, free weights or unstable surfaces, provides greater motor wealth than any machine where everything is guided and stabilized. So a training with alternative means or auto loading is much more interesting as a complement for sports or for strength-endurance objectives than an analytical and unnatural machine.

Have you decided to get fit once? Whether to lose a few pounds or take care of you, we congratulate you for taking the first step. Creating an exercise routine for beginners at home is relatively simple and we can adapt it to our physical conditions. Both women and men can start this exercise routine at home and get good results.

It is important to note that if our goal is to exercise to lose weight or gain muscle we must accompany the training with a diet suitable for each goal.

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What will the exercise routine for beginners consist of?

The table of exercises for beginners in a house that we propose to you is divided mainly into two types of exercises:

• Strength training exercises.

The goal is to develop the muscles of different parts of the body to increase muscle mass and tone.

• Cardio exercise.

The function of these exercises is to burn fat, lose weight and improve the functioning of the heart and lungs.

In this exercise routine for beginners, we will combine both exercises in such a way that each day we will perform a type of training so that the muscle can rest and recover. Remember that working your muscles every day could be counterproductive.

Our goal is to start doing exercises at home without damaging our body and obtaining realistic results. Let us begin!

 Strength exercise routine: Monday

We will begin the exercise routine for beginners at home with a workout that will help us develop the muscles. This training will take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since as we said should be alternate days to rest our muscles.

Nothing better than starting the week with a good training session to feel active and energized. These are the exercises for beginners that we will carry out:

• Squatting

It is a very simple and easy to perform the exercise with which we can achieve good results. The muscles we work with squats with the quadriceps, buttocks, and hamstrings. Depending on the separation of the feet, we will work more than one part of the other. We will do 3 sets of 10 repetitions, that is, 3 sets of 10 squats each, leaving half a minute of rest between each one. Remember to keep your back straight, do not bend your knees more than 90 degrees and do not join your knees.

• Strides

Another excellent exercise for beginners that we can do at home. Among the benefits of strides are the strengthening of the quadriceps and knee. To run the strides correctly you must join the feet and take a step forward by folding both legs until the knee of the back leg is about to touch the dream. Both knees should form a 90-degree angle and you should change your leg to strengthen both. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Remember that it is essential to accompany the exercise of proper nutrition. So in the article, we give the diet to gain muscle mass.

 Cardiovascular Exercise Routine: Tuesday

Cardiovascular exercises will help us burn calories, lose weight, and improve other aspects of health such as reducing stress and risk of cardiovascular disease. This type of workout will also be helpful so that the muscles rest and recover from the previous day’s session, fundamental to avoid damaging them.

• Jump rope

You do not need any rope of a special material, but you do have a suitable size to perform this exercise for beginners at home successfully. It is perfect for improving strength, balance, and endurance. It is best that you do about 10 or 15 minutes to achieve the desired results.

• Zoom

If you want to exercise at home without getting bored, this option is perfect. Practicing Zumba to lose weight will help us burn calories, not forgetting that we should not overwork the muscles of the previous day. We can do about 10 minutes of moderate hum.

 Strength Workout Routine: Wednesday

• Push-ups

One of the most famous exercises to exercise pectorals at home. They are simple to perform and there are different modalities. We can do 3 sets of 10 repetitions, and in case you do not know this exercise in the following video we show you how to do pushups correctly.

• Griddle

One of the most popular abdominal exercises today. We can do 3 sets and try to hold 20 seconds in each. You will see that it is more difficult than it seems at first sight, but if we practice it correctly, we will improve our resistance quickly. In this post, we explain how to do crunches with an iron.

 Cardiovascular Exercise Routine: Thursday

• Jumping with the chest knees

It is a very simple beginner exercise at home. As the name implies, we should stand with our legs shoulder-width apart. We jumped up, lifting our knees to the chest. Best not to do it after eating.

• Burpees

It is perhaps one of the most hated exercises at home but it is also very effective. In this exercise, we show you how to do burpee correctly. We can choose to perform 5 sets of 2 or 3 repetitions each.

 Strength Workout Routine: Friday

• Lifts

This exercise should be done with weights to work the shoulders. It is not necessary that the weight is very high since we must remember that they are about exercise for beginners, reason why a dumbbell of 2 kilos will suffice. You can perform lateral elevations, dumbbell rows, lumbar, etc. We will carry out 3 sets of 10 repetitions. Remember to rest between each series. In this post, you can consult exercises for the shoulders without going to the gym.

• Bicycle abs

With this exercise for beginners at home, we will develop the muscle of the obliques and frontal. This exercise involves bending your knees at a 45-degree angle by lifting them up until your calves touch the ground. While we must put pressure on the lower back against the mat while lifting the shoulder blades from the floor. We hold one leg stretched, raised 45 degrees from the ground and hold the other leg with the knee flexed. When we have achieved this position, we turn the torso by incorporating it to the surface trying to make the opposite elbow touch the knee. Finally, bend the leg that you have stretched while we stretch the bend while turning the torso to the opposite side. In this article, we explain how to do lower abs.

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