How to growing a long beard fast to have a long enviable beard

Since I started growing my beard and started a beard care company, I have noticed how it has increased the popularity of facial hair. The beard world has really become modern. From models and celebrities, to what I call “the urban bearded man” -the man with the medium-bearded beard-the dense beards, in particular, are gaining enormous fame everywhere. Do you like to wear a beard? Do you want me to grow faster and lusher? Then you must use some good tricks on growing a long beard. They are not miraculous, but it is a great help.

If there is one thing that defines the masculine look of the last few years, it is the beards. Of course, they always existed and every decade their preferred form changed. Although always the most indicated are that you choose a board that you like personally and goes well with the shape of your face. In addition, the amount of hair that grows depends on your genetics and other factors in front of which you cannot do much. However, if you can try some tricks to learn how to make the beard grow.

How to grow the beard naturally

How to do to have a beard is a question, that many men are made. If you are one of these, here you will surely find the solution between the various methods to grow the beard.

• Take care of your skin

It may seem like some women, but for nothing, taking care of the skin is something that everyone should do. For your beard to grow quickly it is important that your skin is healthy and clean. Using exfoliants, moisturizers and masks, are some of the options you have to achieve a skin free of impurities. Taking care of your skin is one of the best tips to grow the beard and usually forgotten, as men do not usually do treatments of this type.

• Give it time

Many times the problem is not that your beard cannot grow, but you do not give the time you need. Maybe you see your friends in two weeks have a big beard, while yours just starts to peek. Give it time; some people can take four weeks or more. You have to commit to this growth, you must endure the itching of the first days and long in your beard that you may not like to achieve the look you want. All the tricks to growing a long beard are effective, but they also need time, just like your beard itself.

• Don’t rush

It is normal that just your beard begins to grow you want to give it the way you like it. However, you must not do it, during the first few weeks your beard can grow irregularly, some longer hairs and shorter ones. What you can do as you grow is to go combing and trim the way you like to go shaping them. A long beard can take your time, once yours has grown sufficiently, cut, as you like.

• Use Beard Oil

The fashion of the beard makes many products available to improve their growth and appearance. Among them, you can find the oil for beards. This product acts as a moisturizer not only for your skin but also for hair. It also helps shape it and makes it look like you have more beard, and it gives a fresh smell. It is advisable to apply after the shower, as your pores are open and absorption is easier. Any treatment to grow the beard should include the use of special oils.

• Shave to zero

There are many tricks to encourage the growth of the beard; among them is the one that says that it is advisable to shave so that the hairs grow faster. There is really no evidence to confirm this myth, nor will it grow thicker. Nevertheless, in what if you can benefit a good shave is from 0 to mold beard. That is if you had a style and you want to change there is nothing better than shaving completely and start again until you have a bushy beard.

How to have a beard

If you still wonder how to get your beard out, because you see friends who already have a long and bushy beard there are some things you should know. Not all men have the same beard or grow them at the same time, there are some facts and tricks that you have to take into account. If you notice that the remedies for the beard to come out, do not worry, it is possible that it is not yet time to go out, check out these tips to know your body better.

 Trust your DNA. Just as you have traits or share the hair color with your mom or dad, your beard is also part of the genetics. Unfortunately, nothing is safe and you may inherit your dad’s bushy beard or have a lot less hair like a grandpa you never met. With this, I mean that DNA is the most important condition in all this mess. If you do not have too many hairs naturally, it is impossible to get them to grow. However, do not worry, try all the tricks and maybe, in the end, you give the cost of it was a problem of nutrition or care.

 Do not rush it. Maybe you are still too young to have a beard and you will know how your beard will definitely grow. Up to that point, it can appear first in some men, then in others and in the middle you can go through different stages, the hair will first grow in some parts and then in others, this called irregular growth and is very normal. This process cannot be accelerated and you would not have to because it is part of your development as a man. What you have to do is wait and meanwhile device other looks that go well with you.

 Practice Facial Massages. It is difficult to define a homemade method to grow the beard that really works because as we talked about before the exit of the board and its type depend on genetics. However, you can try some tricks once you start going out to incentivize your growth.

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Products to grow the beard

Once you have a beard what you are, wondering is how to grow your beard faster. Although there are no magic tricks, you can use some products that will help you on this long journey. If the home remedies to grow the beard do not convince you perhaps, you can rely on the use of specially developed products for this to happen.

• Minoxidil for the Beard

Minoxidil is a recommended medication for people who recently began to stay bald. Be one or use twice a day and apply with spray in the area to be treated. The surprising results caused the minoxidil to begin to use in the area of the beard. The results are diverse, some people say it works very well and others that are useless. Before you try this product, consult your doctor and be very informed about its effects.

 It is a vasodilator. Originally, this drug intended for people with high blood pressure, side effects such as the excessive growth of body hair did that for the years 80 a company saw the product with other eyes and began to develop minoxidil to 2% to treat baldness. You must be very careful that when applying minoxidil do not ingest or enter through your eyes.

 It has side effects. As almost every drug the minoxidil has side effects, among the most frequent are headache, dizziness, tachycardia, tiredness, muscle pain (some patients feel it in the face, others in the feet or arms), insomnia, dryness in the skin (mainly in the treated area, but may occur in others as well.) It can also cause skin blemishes. If you feel any physical pain immediately, leave the treatment. If all you have is dry skin, try a moisturizing cream, as the days go by your skin should get used to. If you do not see any improvements every month, you should quit the treatment.

 Its effects are not permanent. Although many men have used this product with good results the truth is that, a side effect not much commented is the fall of the hair. Yes, a product that can grow your hair can also cause it to fall. There are testimonies of men who once left the treatment their hair fell back. While there are others who claim that, their hair remained the same after leaving the product.

Biotin for the Beard

Biotin is a supplement of vitamin H, B7 or b8, of use safer than minoxidil and practically without side effects. It is consumed in capsules or tablets and is usually over-the-counter.

 It is a nutrient. Unlike Minoxidil, Biotin is a nutrient that you already have in your body, only sometimes you can suffer from the deficiency of this vitamin. You can also find biotin in the egg yolks and legumes, among other foods. Many times the lack of vitamin H makes your facial hair not grow, as it should, so the consumption of these tablets or the use of biotin in beard care products can be very beneficial.

 No side effects. Biotin is not toxic even in excess, so its use is safe. Children without a prescription should not be consumed, not pregnant or lactating. However, in adult men should not present any unwanted effect. Interaction with other foods if it can be harmful, particularly with those indicated for cholesterol, acne and some antibiotics.

How to care for your beard

Once your beard grew you must keep it, there are many products on the market, which will help you to improve your growth and shape it. Natural oils are the best option, but you also have to trim it and maintain a neat style.

• How to use Oils

There are many oils to grow the beard, including Jojoba, Eucalyptus, Bergamot, and almonds and with them, you can create your own beard oil.

For example, Eucalyptus Oil for the beard is very good as it helps it grow stronger and faster, it has fabulous properties that keep your skin healthy and free of possible infections. You must combine it with an essential oil that will give you a delicious perfume. Apply the oil after showering, with the fingertips making circular movements. So remember, an infallible trick is the eucalyptus oil for the beard.

• When to trim the beard

Each man’s beard has a growth pattern and as you read earlier this one defined at the age of 25. You have spent that age or you cannot know your growth pattern by letting your beard grow for a week.

 At that time you can define where more hair grows and where less and for which side grow. If you are very lucky and already in that time you grow your beard super bushy and lush you can cut … but this is very unlikely.

 Therefore, you will have to grow your beard until the shorter parts get to the long end. You will see something strange and sloppy for a while, but do not worry; this wait will have its reward.

 Once your whole beard is, long you can give it the style you want. However, wait, I understand that you like a beard style, but you must choose the one that best goes with your face and especially with the growth of your beard. It can be lush and long, padlock, only beard or only mustache. The best option is to go to the barber; he will know what to do with your hair type and growth pattern.

Additional Beard Care recommendations

Not everything has to do with beauty tricks and hair growth recommendations. Other factors can help your beard and look better. Food, natural care, and a good rest can also be crucial.

 Control your diet. Slow hair growth may be due to folic acid, vitamins A, B, E and Biotin are some of the nutrients related to this problem. You can find biotin for the beard in the liver, fish, cauliflower, beans, carrots, and plantains. Vitamin A maintains hair follicles and is present in pumpkin, carrots, cheese and green leaves. While e in beans, oils, and walnuts.

 Rest very well. During the night is when the damaged cells of your skin are repairing, promoting hair growth. In addition, sleeping well ensures that your body stays healthy and with all its functions every day. It generally said that you must rest 8 hours a day, but each body has its needs.

 He uses natural cosmetics. For the hair of your beard to be smoother and better looking, in addition to the tricks you have already been able to read, you can use other types of natural cosmetics. A good facial tonic, for example, would be an excellent idea.

According to some friends, the beard makes you more intimidating against rivals of the same sex. Aesthetically it is beneficial for those men who do not have a large jaw or have a small jaw as it creates harmony in the face compensating for the defects. In addition, a style is fashionable. Numerous celebs wear beards today. You should try the beard and then decide, but keep in mind that having a beard means caring and spending more money than shaving, since you have to visit the barber regularly.

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