Hair fall remedies for men to stop male pattern baldness naturally

A person loses about 100 hairs daily. However, some circumstances can lead to excessive hair loss, which often produces a state of anxiety or concern for the physical appearance that can even lead to depression or loss of self-esteem. In reality, there are a very limited number of effective treatments for baldness in man but there are some hair fall remedies for men, which can be effective.

The causes of baldness are varied. Knowing the cause of a man’s hair reduction will help in the type of treatment that is going to use. Sometimes, when a person has gone through a serious illness or even an operation, hair loss can occur a temporary hormonal imbalance could be another cause of hair loss. The male hormone androgen can be in a state of imbalance that causes hair loss in man.

Eating a healthy and varied diet is beneficial. The zinc is a mineral involved in the synthesis of keratin. In addition, in combination with vitamin B6 prevents hair loss. Some of the foods that contain it are nuts, eggs, clams, anchovies, oysters, tuna, wheat germ, soy drinks, and legumes.

Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

It is possible when combing or washing your head a lot of hair will fall off with great ease. It is normal that in its cycle of growth some hair falls and in its place, they grow new hair. The problem arises when falling hair is not replaced by new hair. This can have a different origin:

• Physical or emotional stress

The fact of going through a stage of great stress on the physical plane or of facing a great emotional load is one of the most habitual causes of the loss of hair. In fact, this plentiful hair fall can occur even months after having crossed the problematic stage. When hair loss is due to physical or emotional stress, normality is usually restored after about eight months.

• Male Alopecia

The hereditary hair loss occurs much more frequently among men than among women and is completely normal. In fact, the vast majority of men begin to become bald from the age of 30. If this does not affect self-esteem, there is no reason to worry. However, later we will see some habits and remedies to slow down the process.

• Aging

Over time, aging and oxidation of the body, the hair follicle is reduced and, with it, the hair become more fragile and thin until, finally, this follicle is no longer able to generate a new hair. However, the follicles remain alive and there is always the possibility or potential for new hair to be born. That is why it is so important to maintain, in a global way, the health of our organism with healthy food and habits, to help our cells and organs to perform their functions correctly.

Other causes of hair loss

 Infectious diseases

 Anemia

 Vitamin deficiencies

 Hormonal changes (pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause)

 Extreme and dangerous diets

 Certain drugs

 Immune disorders

 Diseases of the skin

 Use of inappropriate hygiene products (chemicals)

 Radiotherapy and chemotherapy

 Thyroid Diseases

Suitable food to stimulate hair growth

A balanced diet free of toxic substances and rich in essential nutrients is essential, not only to stimulate hair growth and prevent it from falling but to maintain the general health of the body. Do not forget to include in your diet:

 Protein of high biological value (with all the essential amino acids), that you will get including two or three days a week organic meat or fish and the rest of the days combining cereal with a legume.

 Carbohydrates polysaccharides, i.e. cereals, legumes, and vegetables fundamentally. Integral carbohydrates and polysaccharides are necessary and not fattening; those from industrial and refined products are useless and you only get to intoxicate the body and weaken your cells and organs.

 Fats, especially unsaturated fatty acids. Fats are also an essential nutrient and essential for maintaining health. The most beneficial fats found in blue fish, seeds and nuts.

 Vitamins and minerals. These micronutrients we need them in less proportion, but their daily intake is essential for the life of the organism. The main source of vitamins and minerals found in the plant kingdom. As always, our advice is to avoid pesticides by always choosing products of ecological origin.

Remedies for reducing hair loss

 Infusions

There are also some plants which applied in an external infusion, stimulate hair growth and prevent it from falling. To do this, simply make an infusion with one or more of these plants, wash the hair and apply the infusion on the scalp. Let the hair dry if possible in the air, without a dryer. The most effective infusions to prevent hair loss are Manzanilla, Romero, Nettle, Basil.

 Vegetable oils

The vegetable oils are extremely moisturizing and nourishing s, so apply a mask vegetable oil is always a good idea to stimulate hair defenses and provide the necessary force to prevent it from falling. To apply it, moisten the hair and spread the oil covering the root and the tips as if it were a mask for at least half an hour, although if you can extend it more time better. After this time washes the hair well and dry. You can also try using natural products like this homemade.

 Egg

The egg is a food rich in proteins of high biological value that, like in any other part of the body, nourishes and moisturizes the scalp. To facilitate its application as a mask, beat it and mix it with a vegetable oil. Moisten the hair, apply the mask and let it act for half an hour (or more). Then wash and dry.

 White vinegar

The vinegar is a great softener and we can apply it as a mask from time to time to hydrate and nourish it. Do as in the previous examples. Moisten the hair, apply the vinegar (enough, enough to cover the root and tips), let it act half an hour (or more), wash and dry. It smells very bad when you apply it, but after washing your hair with your shampoo (try to be eco-friendly) the smell will disappear completely.

The earth would become more and drier and arid and at the end, the plant would die very dry. No matter how hard we tried to get another new one on, we would not do it without water.

Hair is exactly the same, but with blood. If the blood flow to the area of the head where the hair grows has cut, the hair dyes and there is no possibility of hair regeneration. The bulb does not develop and baldness appears.

Whatever the reason for the hair fall (age, inheritance or disease), the truth is that the more we take care of global, the more prepared our body is to maintain capillary health. To do this, remember food (Make your own healthy and balanced diet), exercise (but moderate and healthy exercise), and rest (sleep is very important for overall health, read some tips on how to sleep well), serenity (trafficking to reduce stress,

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