Halloween safety tips for children to enjoy Halloween safely

Halloween! An exported party and has more and more followers our country. If you have signed up to this party or the combines with our characteristic and own chestnut and all the saints, I offer you some Halloween safety tips for children where the goal of prevention is to get through tricks and deals to promote the autonomy of the Small, leaving the scare only for the party.

Childproof Halloween costumes

A good idea so as not to lose sight of the children during the night is to add a fluorescent or reflective tape or cloth to the Halloween costume so that we can distinguish them in the dark. The costumes or materials with which we make the costumes must have the fireproof legend, which means that the material does not burn.

If the idea is to be calm and the children are scampering and enjoying, then it is better to forget about the costumes that drag and prevent them from walking well, as well as avoiding heels.

We should not allow children to use sharp or sharp objects as an accessory to their disguise. It is preferable to manufacture them in cardboard.

Although Halloween masks are fun, it is best not to cover the eyes, nose, or mouth not only to avoid suffocation or shortness of breath but also to have good visibility. It is preferable to use special makeup that is not toxic or hypoallergenic.

Something that is used a lot in recent years is the extravagant contact lenses to change the color of eyes, but it is not recommended that children use them unless they have been prescribed by the ophthalmologist since they usually produce eye irritations.

Somewhere in your clothes or hanging on your neck, children should carry a label with their personal information.

Halloween safety tips for children

About Costumes

• If they are disguises purchased, attentive to the requirements of CE marking

• Neither the disguise nor its components can cause injury (injury, cuts) or choke hazard by containing small parts that can be detached

• Composition: Fire-resistant

• Indicate if it is not suitable for children under 36 months

In all cases of disguises

• Face paints: Read instructions to avoid allergies. Do not leave the child’s reach to avoid poisoning.

• Always avoid eye contact

• Masks and mask must allow for the perfect visibility and entry of air

• Do not oppress in any case to avoid risk of suffocation

• Correct size

• If it is large, it will make you stumble, risk of hooking your clothes and being caught

• If small, choking hazard and less ability

• Tight, non-slip shoes to prevent falls, without external elements that make you stumble

• Accessories: Under no circumstances can it cause injury to the child or other persons

• Bring reflective elements to seen at night

• Regarding road safety and to ask for sweets

Halloween safety tips for children

Under 12 years old

 Always be accompanied and under the supervision of at least one adult, depending on the group of children and the age will be distributed several adults the supervision and the accompaniment (I recommend 1 adult for every 5 or 6 small children under 10 years)

 Take advantage of the exit to educate and instill norms of behavior and prevention, as we do not get tired of repeating: educate with the example. The coordination of criteria between what we say and what we do must be coherent, we think that in a few years our little ones will want to go out alone and act according to what we as adults have taught them. Your safety and our peace of mind in the future depends on the education we do in the present.

 The children are not aware of themselves a candy or sweet in concrete can be advisable or not, so adults will do the “trick” before departure: agreeing that sweets are suitable and the time to enjoy them.

Over 12 years old

 They can go out in a group without adult supervision in the age. Always with the condition, which, each of us knows their children and the level of preventive culture, has developed.

 The “trick” is to sit with the group before the long-awaited Halloween night to encourage them and help them plan the outing, openly and amusingly, without recriminations or warnings that can influence the effect of the opposite of the desired; the Consensus is a great ally:

 Streets to pass through

 Start and approximate arrival time (it is important that at least one of the minors has a mobile phone to warn us of any mishap)

 Responsible behaviors in an urban way and with strangers

 The adult will accompany the group of children in a test of the route drawn, taking advantage to congratulate the appropriate behaviors and rerouting (always-positive messages) with reasonable arguments (to educate with the example) in each act of risk that they comment.

 Not only is it about knowing and respecting the rules of road safety, it is very important the behavior before strangers. We are the adults who gain by experience, so we must take advantage of this “range” to use it in a positive way, with the aim of Promote autonomy with the help of prevention to the detriment of the culture of fear: scare just because it marks the script of the party!


• After the tragedy lived in the USA, we believe that we should make a review in this regard and that although we are already “older” parents should be responsible for the mass parties to which our teenagers come, so we must:

• Inform us and make sure that our children know and respect the safety and evacuation measures.

• Important that the local in question is authorized and complies with all security guarantees.

• Visible poster of the authorization of the competent public administration: City Hall, No of authorization, capacity, easiness of information, etc.

• The local must incorporate QR code with emergency prevention and security measures.

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