Home remedies for oily skin to glow and fairness

You may think that having oily skin is a disorder and indeed if the fat is infected and it is derived in acne, it is. However, think about the good side. Fat cells provide elasticity to the skin and support and help it withstand much better the passage of time and wrinkles so … Rejoice! It is all about keeping fat production in check and preventing it from becoming infected. Otherwise, all advantages! In this article, we will teach you some home remedies for oily skin to glow with the best natural products for the skin especially indicated for oily skin that, used regularly, will help you regulate the production of sebum. In addition, we will review some healthy habits of life to keep in good condition, not only the skin but the whole organism.

Oily skin can be caused by genetics, dietary habits, excessive stress or hormonal changes in the body due to puberty. Women are also more prone to oily skin during menstrual cycles, pregnancy or menopause and when taking birth control pills

Oily skin can be difficult to handle but there is some easy remedy to solve this common problem. There is no need to use expensive chemical-based skin care products. Many people have found simple home remedies that can be equally effective.

Home remedies for oily skin

It is possible that if you have a fatty skin you have tried many types of treatments to try to eliminate the glitters that appear on the face. Although this disposition of the epidermis is usually hereditary, it can also appear from other causes such as menopause, pregnancy, hormonal changes or the menstrual period. It is true that this type of skin is usually more resistant to the passage of time, so the formation of wrinkles tends to be more complicated than normal, however; on the contrary, the skin surface is more prone to the generation of abnormalities as Blackheads, acne or pimples.

Controlling skin fat with home remedies

In addition to the daily facts of daily washing and exfoliation, there are certain home remedies of a natural nature that can actively help fight the effects of this type of skin. The aloe vera supposed undoubtedly one of the most important. Applying the gel resulting from this plant directly on the face has the ability to absorb excess oil, as well as thoroughly cleaning the pores. To enhance the effect of this trick, let the product cool in the refrigerator and apply it two or three times a day, especially after cleansing the skin.

The elaboration of homemade masks supposes another homemade alternative quite effective to eliminate the fat of the skin. To make the base we can use fruits and vegetables like orange, kiwi, lemon or cucumber, crushing them and mixing them with a little-powdered clay. Optionally we can also use essential oils to make this remedy.

A very fast home remedy to eliminate excess fat in the skin is the use of a product as usual in our kitchens as the egg. A mask made with this ingredient can help, on the one hand, to dry the skin and, on the other hand, reduce the number of oils accumulated in the epidermis. For a complete effect, we just have to let the egg yolk act for a period of 15 minutes.

Vegetable oils essential for oily skin

One of the reasons that skin can become infected and produce excess fat is the continued use of certain industrial cosmetics that, although they “temporarily” hide the symptoms, with the passage of time they make them worse. The Dangers of Industrial Cosmetics do not only affect the skin but the entire body. Most industrial creams are made from paraffin, a substance derived from the oil industry that is highly occlusive and which, according to many expert voices, is deposited in different parts of the body intoxicating it.

Vegetable and essential oils are a fabulous natural alternative to replace industrial creams. You may at first think that an oil will increase even more the fat of your skin leaving an oily appearance, but … Nothing further from reality! These magnificent natural oils balance the production of fat, are absorbed quickly and stimulate the natural defenses of the skin. The vegetable oils and essential oils are not the same. Each of them is obtained with different methods and their properties, as well as applications and conditions of use, are different and it is advisable to know them.

If you want to know which is the most suitable for moisturizing oily skins visit our article vegetable oils and essential for oily skin. And if you want to know how to elaborate a mixture of several of them so that the application is more effective, consult our article how to elaborate cosmetic mixtures with vegetal and essential oils.

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home remedies for oily skin to glow

Fruit treatment for oily skin

The fruits and vegetables available from the earth provide us with numerous nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that make them excellent skin allies regulating their natural balance.

There are several ways to take advantage of the many virtues of fruit therapy. Either we eat them (especially vegetables in all the dishes of the day), or we apply them on the skin. In the topical application, it is advisable to make homemade masks that incorporate the most suitable fruits to balance the fat. If you want to know the characteristics of the most suitable fruits for you, consult our article the best fruits and vegetables for the skin. In addition, if you want a good example of how to use them by combining them with other natural ingredients in an effective way, visit our article how to make homemade and natural masks.

Other natural ingredients for oily skin

In addition to oils and fruit, our natural pantry has some fabulous natural ingredients to stimulate the skin’s defenses and keep it full of life.

The properties and benefits of clay in foot 1 are many. In the case of greasy or acne skins, we recommend that you use the green clay. That is, make sure that it is powdered clay and not emulsified as industrial firms usually sell, because when they come ready to use, they usually have chemical ingredients that are not recommended and the clay has lost many of its beneficial properties. The best way to use it is in the form of a mask, combining it with fruits and essential and vegetable oils. Consult a specific example to know how to do it in our proposed astringent home mask for oily skin.

Another very practical and effective ingredient for oily or acne skin is honey. This delicious delicacy made by the bees has a very complex chemical composition whose elements help to restore the skin and disinfect it in depth, thus avoiding the appearance of the happy granites. In fact, it is one of the ingredients that should not be missing in our first aid kit for its ability to disinfect and regenerate wounds or burns.

We also propose that you develop a natural cream for oily skin with specific oils that regulate the production of tallow and beeswax. Check out this video to learn how to do it. It is very easy and will hardly take you a few minutes.

home remedies for oily skin to glow

Skin care

If in addition to using natural products that stimulate the defenses of your skin, you follow a routine of beauty with patience, time and dedication, you will observe results sooner than you expect. If you have oily skin, we recommend:

Once a day, in the morning, when you wake up and before leaving home, applies neroli hydrosol in the form of a tonic and a mixture of essential and vegetable oils or a natural cream of beeswax. At night we advise that you simply remove it with vegetable oil of jojoba and clean the remains of dirt then rinsing with water, without applying anything else, to let the skin rest.

Once a week, make a natural mask as we indicated before and perform a session of beauty and nutrition of the skin. First, cleanse, then apply neroli hydrosol in the form of a tonic, then the mask, and finally, moistening again with the hydrosol, apply your daily moisturizing product (oils or natural cream).

Once a month, perform a natural exfoliation. If you want to know how to do it, visit our article home remedies to exfoliate the skin. After exfoliation, perform the treatment with mask, hydrosol and final moisturizing product.

Food and habits

It is not necessary to explain that, in fact, applying natural products to the skin (however stupendous) are useless when we do not take care of ourselves internally. The excess of fat on the skin and the appearance of acne often have to do with a deficient or inadequate diet that generates toxicity in the body that the skin must purify by somewhere, in this case, the skin.

To detoxify the body and thus the skin, we recommend:

• Drink plenty of water

The more hydrated the organism, the easier it will be to shed some toxic substances. Look at the water needs of our body.

• Healthy eating

Try to follow good eating habits that benefit the correct functioning of the whole body, such as reducing the consumption of meat and fats , eat plenty of cereals , vegetables , fruits and vegetables and above all, remove from the pantry all denatured industrial products Which have many food additives and have lost their nutritional properties in the manufacturing process. See how to develop a balanced and healthy diet and how to detoxify the body.

• Do moderate exercise

Practicing moderate exercises such as walking or yoga offers great results, not only in the health of your skin but also in your whole body.

• Rest

Rest, like regular exercise, is imperative to keep your defenses strong. Something that, no doubt, will also be reflected in the skin.

These guidelines you can follow to keep your skin healthy, but nature has infinite treasures, many still to be discovered. As always, our advice is to try an experiment and look for the natural ingredients and habits that benefit you the most.

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