How to achieve a healthy work life balance and maintain a healthy life

The working environment becomes increasingly competitive and demanding. Companies have increased their focus on the quality of their products and services, also increasing the expectations and responsibilities of their employees. As a result, now it is not at all strange to see people who work too hard and for whom their personal life is based only on work. In this article, we show you some steps on how to achieve a healthy work life balance between your life and your work.

In this groundbreaking TED talk, Nigel Marsh, an expert on the balance between work and personal life, tells us how he managed to achieve that balance and reveals tactics that other workers can apply.

For Marsh, the problem of the work-life balance is of a cultural nature. And says it this way: “The reality of the society we are in is that there are thousands and thousands of people out there giving shriek drowned of despair in their lives Working hard and endless hours in jobs they hate so they can buy things they do not need and impress people they do not want.”

It is wrong to think that the balance is in flexible hours or informal dress. These are practices that a company implements to have a good working environment within the corporation and does not imply that it encourages people to have a healthy life.

11 tips to balance your life and your work

It is a reality that the labor market has transformed in the last years, leaving behind the time when the man was the main or only supplier for the family, and the woman stayed at home to carry out the housework and take care of the children.

Currently, both men and women have leading roles both at work and at home, hence the main conflicts that arise between them. Work life and family life are generally related to the excessive demand for time on the job, incompatible schedules and the pressure caused by the desire that people experience to fulfill their work and family duties at the same time.

It is still very frequent to find traditional organizations that do not do much for their employees, so the schedules are still very long, not flexible and even assign activities that must be done at the weekend.

Obviously, these types of companies experience high turnover, constant absenteeism, job dissatisfaction and low levels of commitment on the part of their workers.

However, there are other types of organizations that have decided to move towards modernity and have been working to establish “family friendly” policies, which are translated as familiarly responsible.

However, despite these policies, organizations cannot protect employees from themselves and their employees. Bad work habits.

This can be verified through the results of surveys that have found that in Mexico, 62% of employee’s surveyed report that they work more than eight hours a day and live for their work.

In addition, about 13% are considered workaholic or workaholic, a psychological disorder characterized by the compulsive need to do work tasks during family time and rest.

For this reason, it is important to consider that reconciling work with the family to achieve a healthy balance. It is a personal decision and one cannot forget that family and work are so fundamental in a person’s life that the lack of any of them will cause both psychological and social imbalances.

Some tips that can help us achieve this balance are:

• Begin by analyzing how your relationship with work is, this will allow you to recognize those aspects that you must modify to be more efficient and achieve a healthy balance.

• Plan and organize work by setting priorities, and then activities that require less time and effort.

• Try to advance work during office hours, you might even want to spend a little more time just one day a week to get ahead.

• Take small breaks of 10 minutes per hour, which will allow you to clear yourself and continue the work effectively.

• Do not spend a lot of time on social networks or other fun pages while browsing the Internet, as this can easily distract you and waste time needed to fulfill your duties.

• Ask for support from bosses, colleagues, and subordinates when you find work demands excessive and exceed your ability to carry them out.

• Try to call your family on the phone during the day. You can do this during a break when you return from eating.

• Do not take work home, but if it is inevitable, try to focus your attention on this and do it hard so that after you dedicate continuous time to family coexistence.

• When you are at home with the family, turn off the cell phone and do not turn on the computer to check the work email. Remember that in the work there will always be outstanding that you will have to take forward, but not everything is a priority or urgent.

• Divide housework among family members, this will allow them to share quality time. If you have young children try to assign simple tasks according to their abilities, the important thing is to involve them and engage them to collaborate.

• Plan in advance family activities that promote coexistence, fun, and recreation for all members.

Reconciling work with the family is an individual decision and does not depend on organizational policies but on the ability to take control and responsibility of the quality of life.

It requires a deep reflection and analysis of our habits, attitudes, and beliefs in these two important areas of our life.

It is not necessary to make drastic changes that cannot be maintained for a long time; sometimes it is the small details at the right moments that allow us to transform the quality of our work and family relationships to reach a healthy balance.

5 aspects to take into account for a healthy working life

Undoubtedly, work is an activity that influences every aspect of our lives. Many of our dreams come to materialize through it, so it is not strange that we devote much of our time and effort.

However, sometimes this dedication can become excessive, affecting not only our personal satisfaction or professional development, but also our health. That is why it becomes necessary to maintain an adequate balance in our life, which allows us to work to live, instead of living to work.

In this sense, we detail below 5 aspects to take into account to achieve that balance and maintain a healthy working life:

1. Harmonic personal life

Work and personal life are directly related; one affects the other and vice versa, so it is essential to dedicate the same time to both aspects. Work should not become a refuge from our personal problems or frustrations, nor should our personal relationships be affected by the difficulties of our work.

2. Healthy eating

A balanced diet will help us maintain a healthy life, preserve our physical and mental health, have more energy and improve our performance in any situation of our life, even more so if the nature of our work does not allow us to perform a lot of physical activity.

3. Pleasant work environment

Bad relationships in an office are potential triggers of anxiety and stress at work. In this sense, it is important to create an environment of collaboration, solidarity, and cooperation with our co-workers.

4. Security in our space

Personal safety is directly related to working conditions. Working in a space that guarantees our physical integration, will contribute to increasing the confidence in our performance.

5. Living Wages

It is extremely frustrating and demotivating to feel that the company in which we work exploits us. Therefore, the remuneration we receive must be in accordance with our performance and contribution to the growth of the organization.

Practicing any type of physical activity will allow you to release tensions, clear your mind, disconnect and of course, have a much healthier body and mind.

By following these tips, you will surely discover in a short time that you are personal and professional life complement each other instead of facing each other.

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