How to become a better husband and father to your family

The closeness of Father’s Day gives me the opportunity to insist on the need to strengthen the family, and to do this, strengthen the couple, which means that men learn to be parents and recover the figure of spouses. Only if the man understands that when he marries or joins a woman, his new family is more important. Than that of the mother (which does not indicate that he will want it less, on the contrary, he will love her with a love much more mature, which implies independence from her), will be laying firm foundations to his birth on how to become a better husband and father to be a genuine husband and father.

Marriage is a walk together, build with the other a project in common. It is finding happiness by seeking the happiness of the other. It creates a new reality where you and I remain, while the lives in you and you in the self. In this way, a definitive, permanent we created.

The love of a couple is a fragile flower. It is the most sublime experience of the human being, but it is also the most demanding. Because love is that two solitudes protect themselves, come together and welcome each other. To love is to recognize that a person has found with whom he poses the possibility of starting forever a path to the encounter of the other, in order to find himself. Path of donation and delivery that fulfills. Hence, the need to nurture the love of each couple, month after month, year after year, with details, with words, with smiles, with caresses, fighting routine, carelessness, and abuse. Like everything alive, love, if it does not grow, dies. Most of the marriages that fail, they do because they let the love of hunger die because they did not feed it, they continued to fall in love with the loved one.

It is very important that, in the presence of any problem that will never be lacking, the husbands talk, that they are always prepared to face conflicts together with openness and willingness, so that love comes out strong. The quality of a marriage is not determined by whether or not it has conflicts, but by the way, in which it solves them. The best gift that a spouse can give the other is to strive every day to be better. Thus, in addition, it will put ever more solid foundations to the building of love.

The family is also the children, the gift of God and the fruit of shared eroticized love. If an act of mutual surrender brought them into existence, the children will need many other acts of the surrender of both to grow up healthy and happy. The father is the guarantor of the son’s psychic autonomy and his openness to the outside world. In addition, the effective exchange with the father allows the children to acquire security and confidence in themselves. Many young people are fragile, insecure, due to the absence of the paternal image in their emotional and psychic life.

It is not enough for a father to give birth to be without a father. You become a father or a mother because of the love relationships you are able to bond with your children. The slow process of becoming a father or mother must be undertaken with courage and determination, striving to live in such a way that the children can appear in them to the infinite goodness of a Loving God, Father, and Mother at the same time.

5 qualities to look for in your husband

Many good husbands in the world and wives worship them at their side. Over time, it is easy to begin to distinguish a pattern between them, certain characteristics that make them the most desirable men to establish a family and a stable and healthy relationship.

This list is for single girls who have the possibility to choose the best candidate to spend the rest of their lives with him. How to know if it is the one indicated? What characteristics should my future husband have?

The five stereotypes we describe below based on our observation, what we can infer after having met incredible husbands, happy wives, and functional families. It is not an exact science, but we can give you an idea of what to look for in the market:

How to become a better husband and father

1. The supplier

This man puts his family first, always. It is not selfish and lives to meet your needs. He is the type of person who saves, thinks about the future, has 2 jobs and always thinks about how to make more money. It provides security and stability. He does not know the words “NO” or “I cannot”, and has a sacrificial attitude when needed.

2. The rock

It is a man who keeps you afloat when you feel like you are sinking. Your strength inspires you to move forward. It is good for managing stress and is tolerant of frustration. He is the type of person who never leaves a call unanswered when he knows he needs it. Is your best friend. As a husband will be the fundamental pillar of your family, a good partner in good and bad, and just the person, you want to have by your side for difficult times.

3. Critical Thinking

A man who has critical thinking, always ready to solve any problem that presented. This kid does not see the obstacles, but the way to overcome them. He is patient, focused, consenting. Give the best advice, and follow them, always ready to help you get out of the bumps in life. An excellent companion to face the challenges that are lived in a marriage.

4. The positive

This person is positive; he always sees the glass half full. His faith is unshakable, in every way, and this helps him out of any adversity. A person who believes in the goodness of the people and that usually attracts the talent and the best values around him. Of moral straight, this boy is just what you want for the father of your children. Someone to teach them the good things about life. He is a fighter who will not give up because he knows that in the end, things end up going well.

5. Free Spirit

Someone who brings juice to every situation and makes you value each day as if it were the last. Immune to stress, it remains positive. They are usually men who choose a career that they are passionate about, and these same feelings move them to the emotional level. You will reach 90 years without getting bored, although you must take care of your income. Get ready to get to know the world and the most extraordinary people that inhabit it, next to your marriage will be an exciting adventure.

How can I be a good parent and stop being incompetent?

As you know, I am the first pope of a beautiful girl whom we named Mariana, and since I knew that, she would come into my life I got a worry that was spinning in my head all the time. That concern was how to be a good father, my daughter and my wife are my reason for being and it is one of my life goals to make my daughter feel that I am a good father, but how to achieve this? I started to ask and analyze the behavior of the “best potatoes” I know, what do they do? How do they do that? After several months of research I had a list of twelve points that I am almost sure that if I follow them literally I will be a good father, so here I share with you, it is clear that he does not invent the black thread nor much less, simply,

how to become a better husband and father

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  • Do not worry about being a good parent

Being a good parent has nothing to do with holding the baby in the right way, making him belch, or being the best participant in an imaginary tea party. Being a good parent begins by being a good husband. Being involved in the prenatal process, so if you really want to be a good parent make sure of this.

  • Before you have, a child try to live your life as fast as possible

Many first-time parents get scared when they have their child, and do not leave home in two years because they fear what might happen to the baby. It is a non-nitroglycerin baby. After a couple of weeks, get out and start resuming the previous routine with your wife as much as possible.

  • Let mommy have time for her

Look, I would be lying to you if I told you that the infant’s life is just as important to the father as to the mother. When a newborn comes into the world, the woman’s instinct is activated, so she will be intensely worried; being more difficult the work of the mom than that of a dad. This is why you should give her as many breaks as necessary.

  • Get up with your wife during late night feedings

He sat with me and kept me company, we shared stories about our day, we even talked about how cute the baby was … until it was time to make him belch and I gave him to him to do it. My husband enjoyed making him belch because although I could do it myself, he could help and be part of the process in the same way.

  • Be affectionate with your baby, especially as he grows up

Children need love, but they do not understand this word on any level. You could even use the term “phalanges” because, for him, it would have the same meaning – nothing. Therefore, if you hold him and say, “Daddy loves you,” it will be much more meaningful.

A child needs love, always, and you have to be able to guarantee it. A child who knows you want him is a happy child – the kind of child who runs and jumps in your arms when he sees you.

  • Treat your child the way you wanted to treated when you were

Look back and see how you raised. How your father showed you and how he did not do it. How he educated you, encouraged you, criticized you and molded you. If you had a great father, now is your opportunity to put into practice everything I teach you.

If you did not have a great father, it is your excellent opportunity to fight what you lived and give your son something much better. It is your opportunity to show your father, and the world, “This is what it is to be a good father.” Give your child love, patience, understanding and affection to show you and others how it should be.

how to become a better husband and father

  • Never abuse your child. Never

The same should apply to your wife. There is never any reason why you can beat or abuse a woman or a child. It is impossible to be a good parent if you hurt them. It takes away the honor of your whole life, the one you have taken so long to win.

Do not insult them cruelly. Never call him stupid, idiot, or any other name that makes him feel bad instead of being a special child, as it really is. Make it your goal to give love to increase your self-esteem and protect you from potential problems.

  • There are tips to raise children everywhere, but be careful with the guide you follow

Unfortunately, there is no official line or guide; there is no absolute authority to tell us how to raise our children. There is not even a book within the hundreds that exist about being a good father that stands out above all. They can even give contradictory advice.

So how do you know which one is right? You do not know. Therefore, you will have to figure it out for yourself and decide. If you only read one book, you will surely follow that method. However, I recommend that you talk to other parents, read many books, parent magazines, and online articles … to get as much information as possible before deciding which ones to choose.

  • Enjoy yourself. Everything happens too fast

The time you have with your children flies, so take your time to enjoy it. Get out of work to be with them. Call and say you are sick, go to the park with them. Pick them up at school and play football, basketball or other sport with them. Practice volunteering with him or her and teach them the values of life. Your motto will be “I would like to spend more time with my son/daughter than in the office”.

  • Learn what the children of your father most want.

I once heard one of my best friends reveal what the children of their parents most want. They do not care what kind of work you have, how many prizes you have, whether you run an industry or the studies you have.

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