How to clean lungs from smoking damage naturally and home remedies

After you have taken the great step of quitting smoking, the next one is to clean your lungs because after you have smoked for more than five years, you need to regain lung capacity that was lost due to all the chemical components that a cigarette brings Such as tar and nicotine. Here are some easy tips and home remedies on how to clean lungs from smoking damage naturally; you can implement right away to keep your lungs at peak performance.

As time goes by the lungs are cleanse and recovering normal, this reflected in the respiratory system, but with some tricks, you can accelerate the process and continue your life smoke-free.

Practicing some techniques like yoga helps to get the ideal postures and improves breathing, which is something positive for our health and lungs.

Green tea contains a powerful antioxidant called catechin, which helps to clean the mucus accumulated by the cigarette, but also green tea has many health benefits that help control the production of free radicals that cause diseases such as cancer. That is why we recommend three daily cups of green tea.

Raw garlic is one of the best foods to cleanse the lungs after smoking because it helps remove excess mucus that builds up in the chest cavities when a person smokes. It is also a natural antibiotic that helps maintain good defenses.

It is important to take into account healthy habits after stopping smoking, as foods rich in vitamins and antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, will help you clean your lungs.

When we smoke for a long time, the lungs receive air filters, chemicals, among other substances, so it is best to breathe clean and healthy air, so you will not expose your lungs to more toxins that will harm your health.

Home Remedies to Cleanse the Lungs

If you smoke habitually or suffer from a problem in your lungs, as you would expect, you will want to have them in better condition. Fortunately, the wise nature has put within your reach some elements that can prove very satisfactory for this purpose. Get to know them in this article.

The lungs are an organ that is obviously responsible for synthesizing everything we breathe. Some people smoke, others exposed to heavily polluted cities and there are people who feel their lungs are “dirty”, which causes them pain and makes breathing difficult. However, you can purify them and clean them with some home remedies to clean the lungs.

How to Clean the Mucus of Phlegm

If you want to relieve your respiratory symptoms naturally, take advantage of one of the many natural remedies for the lungs that exist. They will relieve you of discomfort in the blink of an eye. Some of them are almost magical to clear the airways. Such is the case of never quite well-weighed eucalyptus. Do not forget to consider it, if you want your lungs to breathe much better.

How to remove phlegm from the lungs is one of the questions we most ask ourselves when we suffer from a respiratory problem, not only because it is annoying and uncomfortable, but also can have serious consequences for health not to expel them.

In addition to implementing some home remedies for inflamed lungs, you cannot fail to try other very effective expectorant remedies.


Undoubtedly, honey is one of the most recommended ingredients in cases of a cough, flu and so on. Its combination with other ingredients such as onion, ginger, pepper or garlic makes some of the best cough remedies with phlegm.


An infusion of turmeric is a great help to loosen those annoying phlegm and release your throat definitely.

Steam shower

A classic that does not stop working, a remedy of the grandmother that we sometimes forget against the new drugs. Perform a few vapors with herbs or water alone, a towel to retain them and quickly release the mucosa.


One remedy to get out of the way is to gargle with salt water. While it will not completely alleviate the problem if it will help loosen the throat and gradually eliminate the phlegm.

Aloe Vera

It is also often used to improve lung function aloe Vera or Aloe Vera, from which you can drink juice in the extract of the plant, for a month, consuming two tablespoons a day.

How to Clean a Smoker’s Lungs

No one should smoke in the lungs, either from a polluted environment or from tobacco addiction. However, unfortunately, it is very easy to fall into it, but difficult to get out. If you decided to leave it behind first: congratulations, it is the first step towards a better quality of life. Now you should concentrate on some home remedies to clear the lungs of nicotine.

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Citrus juice

Starting each day with a good juice of varied citrus can make a big difference in your recovery. It will help you regenerate your lungs and cleanse them faster. In addition, do not forget the mineral water throughout the day, essential in any detox.


Just like the eucalyptus will help open your throat and release the accumulated mucosa. Boil 2 cups of water with mint leaves and eucalyptus leaves for 5 minutes, turn off the heat and you are ready to drink. You can use the same infusion to make steam.


It helps to disinflame alveoli and eliminate impurities, in addition, is mucolytic and bronchodilator, meaning that this vegetable has the perfect combo to clean your lungs when you stop smoking. You can prepare a soup or infusion of onion, not suitable for those who do not like its strong flavor.

Raw garlic

Another option only fit for brave or lover of strong flavors. Garlic will help you cleanse your lungs (and your whole body). Swallow it with a glass of water or prepare it in an infusion with lemon.

Home Remedies for Damaged Lungs

If your lungs hurt, you may be experiencing some problem. The first thing you should do is go to a doctor, but in the meantime, you can calm the discomfort with some home remedies for the lungs. For the respiratory problems typical of the winter season, there are specific remedies that will relieve you of each of those annoying pictures.

Ginger remedy for the flu

If influenza is treated, a ginger tea never fails. Prepare by adding to a cup of boiling water, two teaspoons of grated fresh ginger. Let stand for a few minutes. Strain, add honey and lemon to taste and drink immediately. Is amazing!

Eucalyptus inhalations for congestion

For the nasal congestion, the inhalations with mint or eucalyptus are insurmountable. If you prepare an infusion to inhale, your vapors before drinking it and you will obtain a double benefit to clean the lungs.

Onion syrup for a cough

If you do not stop coughing, you can turn to a homemade onion syrup. It is very easy to prepare and super effective. Simply put an onion into chunks in a pot, with two tablespoons of honey and take to a water bath for two hours. Take a teaspoon of this syrup every time the cough attacks you again.

Vitamins for the lungs

Incorporating vitamins to strengthen your detoxifying the lungs is a trick generally forgotten but very effective. The vitamins A and E are the most recommended.

Vitamin A or beta-carotene boost the defenses and revitalizes the mucous membranes of the respiratory membranes, while E or alpha-tocopherol, present in nuts and avocado strengthens the lungs. Consuming foods with selenium is also an option to consider because of its detoxifying properties (ideal for people who have stopped smoking.

Foods and beverages against nicotine

• Water helps to hydrate the body, on the contrary, nicotine dehydrates it, and drinking water helps eliminate nicotine by means of sweating.

• Vegetables such as aubergines, beans, cucumbers, and celery all influence the taste of the cigarette, thus decreasing nicotine dependence. However, do not eat too many sweet vegetables, as they are high in sugar and could upset the balance of some areas of the brain, related to the increased desire to smoke.

• Nettle has a high concentration of iron, is ideal to prevent infections.

• Kiwi purges nicotine from the body and in turn, helps to replace vitamins A, C, and E, which reduced by smoking.

• Pine needle tea has been using for mouth and throat disinfection for a long time, although it is also beneficial for lung health.

• The orange has a high content of vitamin C and is ideal for those who smoke, since tobacco, reduces the levels of this vitamin. It also reduces stress and helps the proper functioning of the metabolism, which allows eliminating nicotine more quickly.

• Spinach has a variety of vitamins and folic acid is a great vegetable for your health and makes the cigarettes repulsive.

• Broccoli is rich in vitamins B5 and C, helps replenish the loss of vitamin C due to tobacco and protects the lungs from damage caused by toxins.

• Carrot juice helps eliminate nicotine thanks to its high content of vitamins A, B, C and K. Carrot juice is fantastic to help and prevent problems caused by nicotine in the skin.

How to quit smoking

The smoke in the lungs is not beneficial to anyone. Although there are other factors that can cause lung problems, stopping smoking can make a big difference in the life of your lungs. Quitting tobacco is not an easy task, but there are some tricks and tips that can help you do it.

Incentive phrases

It may sound a bit silly, but reading phrases about quitting can make it much easier that way. So much so that there are, books devoted entirely to this question.

Treatment to quit

There are different methods and treatment that will help you to leave the noxious cigarette. Nicotine-free cigarettes, chewing gum, patches and so on are just some of the most popular and recommended choices.

Breathing against anxiety

One of the most difficult issues to overcome is abstinence, but there are also some tricks to control it and coexist with it the first few days. Teas and breathing to calm anxiety are two options that do not fail.

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