How to enjoy married life and a happy life journey

A successful marriage depends on several things. However, we ourselves are the most important factor. We can reverse the situation: living a marriage more connected, intense, healthy and passionate if we only propose. Women have a more effective reaction to these types of situations than men do. If you want to improve your current situation and enjoy more of your marriage, read the following tips, how to enjoy married life then because they will help you.

10 basic tips to start life as a couple

The beginnings of life as a couple are very exciting, but it is also a period in that we have new challenges. We must know how to recognize and work them to lay a good foundation for our new family. Today we have thought of 10 tips that will help you in these first steps.

Focus on the new family

You have to change the chip and start thinking about the couple as a family project that you have to take care of and grow. That is why this new stage is the beginning of a beautiful path, which requires dedication and patience.

Synchronize priorities

What will be the common missions and how will they focus their efforts and dreams in this life together. So that from the first step they will meet the aspirations of each one: when it is a good time for both of you to have children, if you want to have them, Its projection for the next years, always talking and building as a couple.

Defining the lifestyle

If they are just married without children, the first time is good to build their own lifestyle and plan trips, more playful plans and start doing all those things that they feel like doing and that will define their lifestyle.

Maintain romance

Romantic details should never be lacking in the relationship, and giving yourself time to be together and enjoy beyond your daily obligations will be critical.

Organize with household chores

Start from the beginning with a distribution of the tasks of the house, organize with the cleanliness and complement with what is best given to each one, so that the maintenance of the home is a shared mission that does not overwhelm either.

Nice words

Do not forget to say hello, take into account and say nice words, like ‘good morning’, ‘how was your day?’ Alternatively, ‘I love you’.

Strengthen trust

Respect each other’s spaces and show trust leaving a space for each one’s privacy, such as email, cell phone or moments of sharing each other with their friends.

Work the communication from the first moment

Speak all the dislikes we may have and know how to discuss and negotiate on each other’s points of view, to know each other and to enrich each other.

Open mind

To know and accept what we do not as we want or will not arise during the coexistence. Doing a mutual exercise of wanting to meet with love and patience is essential.

Mutual respect

Confronting moods, worries and knowing how to share good and bad times from respect and love to support each other and understand the differences between the couple will be a true source of strength for your love.

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how to enjoy married life

Seven tips that do not fail to make the wife happy and enjoy the marriage

Women do not have to understand them, you have to love them,” says a popular saying among men who sometimes say they need “many fewer things” to be happy than their female counterparts.

Men, like women, want to make their partners happy, although sometimes along the way you may encounter obstacles that seem simple and small that turn into big problems that can become serious.

For example, lack of communication, resentment, lack of clarity in speaking, lack of attention, messages are hidden in a sour word, the excuse “nothing happens” said with an uncomfortable face and murderous look.

Before this, there are some tips to make happy a woman who only needs to be the friend, partner, lover, brother, father, mechanical master, sex symbol.

1. Understand that it is different

This is the basis for harmonious coexistence. The woman is different from man, thinks and organizes her ideas in a different way. When it is not possible to understand, then it is better to take a break and use the always useful and beautiful language of love: assertive, clear, affectionate and open communication.

2. Listen to it

For women, having a willing and calm interlocutor is comforting. However, it is important to remember that she does not want you to solve her life; she wants you to feel empathy. It is better to bite your tongue a little when the practical nature leads you to recommend the best way to solve all problems. Embrace her, and cover her vulnerability with warmth.

3. You earn more with honey than with gall

Sometimes men are full of momentum, and they come into conflict with the quiet nature of women. It is important to maintain a patient attitude. Try to be gentle, make her feel safe and always treat her gently.

4. Recognize it in front of your children

For months in an alleged letter Brad Pitt wrote about his wife Angelina, he claimed that she managed to overcome a personal crisis thanks to the unconditional and disinterested love that her husband gave her when she was most ill. Sometimes you are not aware of what approval and affection mean to her, and especially to her children. Always try to have words of recognition that help you see everything you do and strive to do what it costs you best.

5. Forgive her. Forgive her, forgive her

Marital life is a great exercise of humility, where both should put above personal pride, the life they lead together. The heart rests if it can be forgiven.

6. Appreciate and appreciate health

Seek to have perspective and to look with wisdom what is lived in the day to day. The moments that can bother you today, scream that your partner is alive, that is next to you, that has sometimes good or bad days, and that it is better to take advantage of it to the maximum.

7. Restart the “campaign”

The joke is often told that dating is sweet and full of details and emotions on the part of men because “they are in the campaign”, but that when they marry, they “release the body” or they refrain from seeking attention because they “won the election” “. Do not “loose the body”! Both should maintain romantic and special attentions to fill their emotions and grow their love.

Maintaining harmony and desire in marriage is a difficult task for both men and women, however this some practices that help a more entertaining and affectionate coexistence.

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