Improving sexuality in marriage to have a happy marriage life

One of the concerns that have couples who have been living for many years or intend to take them is how to maintain a healthy, stable relationship and improving sexuality in marriage. This seems like a great challenge, where routine, crises, changing desires of each, boredom, miscommunication, or lack of sex can become the main enemy of marriage.

The myth that marriage spoils the lives of couples can take so much force that it ends up becoming a reality.

Maintaining the Triad Love-Marriage-Sex in balance is not impossible; it only requires being aware of the value of the affections in the couple, but also of the importance of the sex life.

In order to maintain a pleasant sexuality in marriage, it is essential to recognize the importance that the couple gives to sex and, if necessary, to recover the desire that has often been lost or is only stagnant.

It is key to take into account how often you make love with your partner, and whether these encounters are pleasurable, sought after, desired, or conversely one of the two has no desire and only accepts not to disturb his partner or because he knows he has That “comply”.

“The couple is not done in a day.” Just as a relationship cannot subsist without sex, good sex is always tied to a good relationship.

The important thing is to be clear that the physical and emotional satisfaction that results from a good sexual relationship is more important for marital happiness than the frequency with which sex is practiced in a marriage.

Improving sexuality in marriage

How to enjoy better sex in marriage?

As the sexologist, Eduardo Pino says in one of his many published articles on the subject of conjugal coexistence, “the couple is not done in a day.”

Of course, because maintaining it successfully involves many efforts, Works, acceptances, understandings, and complements. “Falling in love, passion and affection will generate a bond of attachment and varying degrees of intimacy and commitment. These are just some of the components of a couple’s relationship; this is not achieved immediately, “says the specialist.

However, considering how difficult it is to maintain a healthy and stable partner relationship, it is even more important to maintain an active and good sex throughout the time of coexistence with the same person.

Of course, both elements are very dependent on each other and as a relationship cannot subsist without sex, good sex is always linked to a good relationship.

The important thing is to be clear that the physical and emotional satisfaction that results from a good sexual relationship is more important to marital happiness than the frequency with which sex is practiced in a marriage. In that context, we give you the following tips.

• It does not matter how much … but how….

You should not have sex just to comply or to believe that the frequency is synonymous with “good sex”, you do not have to comply with any social rule or mandate. Duration, frequency, rhythm, are part of the couple’s timing. They respond exclusively to the desire to make the love they find together. It has to be neither super macho nor Playboy girl to have a happy sex life and satisfy your partner.

• Encourage to try new things in couple

Everything is valid and correct in sex as long as it is admitted by both and gives equal satisfaction to both parties. Permitting to play, to create, to experiment, to innovate, to concretize fantasies makes the amorous encounter a bonfire of sensations that activate the desire and enhance the libido.

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Improving sexuality in marriage

• Free yourself

A good sexual relationship should be an adventure that never ends, with constant explorations not only in techniques and positions but also in the environment that precedes the practice of sex and the previous game that prepares the ground to make love. It is important to overcome fears, inhibitions, shame, and repression and allow yourself to deploy sensuality, eroticism, putting into play sensations, emotions, and affections that offer the necessary condiment so that sex is a multisensory adventure that allows them to increase the capacity for enjoyment and enjoyment.

• Give importance to the Erotic Game

The fantasies, affections, stimuli, postures, words and even performances make the sexual act in a very special and erotic moment. If you put an appropriate and provocative attitude in sex, instead of doing it automatically, sex can never be boring. To stimulate the senses, to play with the bodies, to exchange not only caresses, frictions, mimes, but also words, impressions, what they feel, how they feel it. Tastes and preferences, making love are transformed into a privileged mode of the encounter, of commonness. Of contact and of communication that contributes a quota of enjoyment inexhaustible and always renewable.

• Quality, not quantity

Many times, it is better to do it when you really feel like doing it out of obligation. I mean, it’s better once a week but spectacular, than three without any special feeling.

• Activate the sexual instinct

If they do nothing to motivate themselves sexually, they will still be reluctant to have sex. It is true that they may be tired, annoyed or perhaps exhausted at all; but you will see how a good sex changes their lives and improves their moods, making them sleep like babies. So find yourself, kiss and allow yourself to enjoy the caresses and kisses. In a few minutes, they are ready to indulge in passion.

• Recovering Romanticism

Sometimes they feel that at this point in their lives romanticism does not take place. But if they let themselves know what they like, what they want, what they need, in a rich, relaxed and romantic atmosphere; I assure you that their disposition will be different at the time of sex, they will be able to enjoy it and they recover intimacy and confidence that always unite the pair.

So do not be ashamed to gossip, to say how much you like them, or to make any kind of flattery that will stun them. Be seduced!

• Use the image

Leave a note in your bag where you say “I’ll wait for you tonight …”, prepare a bubble bath that weekend night, eat by candlelight, bring breakfast to bed with sexy underwear or a good Dedicate much better ! send flowers with suggestive messages, or write a poem … Everything is valid when preparing for love … and sex!

There is so much to do to go crazy … create the atmosphere necessary to make love quietly and with much desire. This can be in the day or at night … And if it is necessary to create activities for the children, to take advantage of moments of intimacy. Use all the resources you have to light up the passion in marriage … You know that happy marriage, happy family…

• Yes to sex with-sense…

Marriage and fast sex have been together for a long time. Do not get carried away. Opt for the calm, and to create the space to have a good sex but with tranquility. To give place to a good previous, where they are to play, to explore, to be seduced will allow them to generate new ways of loving.

With time to play, to kiss, to pet, to love and then relax … And if you want to continue playing, welcome! Yes, sleeping embraced is also a good option.

In addition, yes you cannot do it at home, leave the children with the mother-in-law or mother, and escape to a hotel, or better yet, a weekend at the beach! … You know, the best one a week of warmth those three quickies…

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