Mens dress styles for weddings with personality and style

Weddings are very costly events. Between the living room or garden, food, music, flowers and hundreds of other things, you can end up spending a fortune. Another essential element is, of course, the bride’s dress and since these are so expensive, you might be tempted to choose the first suit you see for yourself – or worse, rent one – so that you can balance your budget. No matter how many resources you have, with the mens dress styles for weddings guide, you can choose the best option for this costume to become an essential part of your wardrobe and not just something you used once.

Wedding dresses for men

Our boys are becoming more flirtatious, it is noticed that as time goes by they are more concerned about their appearance and look for the most current trends, whether to go on the street, to the gym, or in this case to go to a wedding.

A style for every man

Just as we do with the wedding dress, there are different types of wedding dresses for men. Variety is the taste, of course, but if you want to be elegant, there are always certain referents or patterns to follow according to the option that most closely resembles your style.

We will start from the classic jacket and pants suit, for simple men who do not like to innovate too much, much less in such an important event. They go over sure, because a good suit of jacket and pants, perfectly adjusted to the body of the groom usually becomes a success, since sometimes, in simplicity is the key to a total look of the boyfriend.

If you are looking for elegance par excellence, your thing will be the jacket, because, among other things, it can be perfectly combined with a simple suit, fitting this star piece with a cut to the knee. The accessories will be responsible for giving the personal touch. Of course, if you are looking for unique and original pieces, in Anglomania you will find a great variety of models as well as fabrics, whether for vests or overcoats. Choosing a British cut suit with a classic cut jacket is definitely a very wise choice for a considerably classic boyfriend. Important fact! If the groom decides on a jacket, it is advisable that both the sponsor and the witnesses take it.

The choice of the tail may be the strangest to see, as it is one of the wedding dresses for men of maximum etiquette. It would only be suitable for large weddings or royal celebrations.

Lastly, the most current and unlike anything else, the hipster style. All a casual look and notably alternative, characterized mainly by carrying defeated, suspenders, and even the pants in a different tone to the jacket. A whole trend!

mens dress styles for weddings

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A man from the feet to the head

All the bride and groom should be perfect on their wedding day, like a real brush!
So, be a boyfriend or you are invited, have recourse to a good firm with experience in recommending a style or another, is fundamental if you do not know very well how to dress on such a marked day. In Hackett, you will find not only quality wedding groom suits but also exceptional accessories such as these elegant black shoes, perfect for wearing with any outfit.

In addition, is that an elegant man should always dress by the feet. If your child considered an endangered species, such as retail men, you may even be surprised with such a personalization in your shoes. You will die of love instantly!

On the other hand, any wedding that takes place at this time of year risks being rather cold and rainy. That is why, when it comes to going for the suit, it is advisable to look for an elegant coat that will serve not only for that occasion, since they usually remain as a back of the wardrobe and it is always good to have one just in case.

Our smart people and the last

Our most current boyfriends are more daring and super trendy. They bet on bright colors if the ceremony celebrated during the day, as the new trends have a wonderful color palette. However, if our boys want to risk with a sure bet, the blue marine or royal blue position themselves as one of the trendiest colors and trendiest that they feel.

Aesthetics hipster: beyond a simple fashion

Many and many call it a simple fad, but nothing further from reality. The hipster aesthetic came into our lives several years ago and continues strong, especially at weddings and civil ceremonies. The hippie, country aesthetic positively favors boys who want to dress in such clothing.

The bow tie is usually the accessory par excellence of a hipster look, also known as the bow tie; you may have heard the term in English bowtie. It is the same piece, and you can find it on two types, the ready tied or clip, and the self-tie. The former is the easiest to find, but the latter has a special charm. In addition, if the knot of the tie can be difficult for some people, imagine the idea of tying a bow tie!

The most important thing will be to go according to the aesthetics of your wedding, and if you are already median, the conjunct color will be … the most of the most!

A perfect day to remember

Men, in general, think that choosing a wardrobe to go to a wedding is an easy, quick and simple task, but it is not. We know it is something that requires a lot of attention and time, especially if you want to find something with your own style.

It is necessary to take into account several factors such as the wedding schedule, whether it is day or night. The style of the ceremony, whether it is more formal or less formal, what accessories to wear…

In addition, they have an exclusive service, which includes the realization of any type of custom garment with innumerable possibilities of fabrics and finishes. They bet on the differentiation with a special reserved where they offer the maximum attention of a service of tailoring. In your reserved “The Apartment”, you can enjoy personal and individualized advice under a prior appointment, with the warmth of care that few tailors can provide at present.

Guide to choosing the perfect outfit for your wedding

Usually, almost all men kept in their closet “The wedding dress”, but this cannot continue to be so, it is time for you to innovate, and you really learn how to dress for a wedding.

mens dress styles for weddings

If you are approaching the date of a wedding to which you have been invited, it is necessary that you are already thinking about what you are going to put for that day, and what are the clothes that best fit your body, so that you are very elegant, and size.

Although it is usually believed that selecting a man’s clothing to attend a wedding is a simple thing, it is also necessary to take into account diversity of things so that you can find the right look, and at the same time dress the type of dress that is most appropriate for that occasion.

That is why we have given the task of helping you with a few simple tips, how a man should go to attend a wedding, so do not hesitate to follow them so you can look that day as the man more glamorous marriage.

Tips and advice on how to dress for a wedding

As we all know, any wedding is a perfect occasion for anyone to dress up and enjoy a very memorable day, and not only the girls must choose between different models or styles since men can also take advantage of the very good way the opportunity to dazzle everyone with his look.

As we told you before, men in general, think that choosing an outfit to go to a wedding is a simple and quick task, but this is not entirely true because the truth is that it requires a lot of attention and time.

The goal will always be to wear a rather elegant suit but at the same time highlight the style of the man. Therefore, we will give you a few guidelines so that you can correctly choose the suit for that day.

1. The wedding schedule

You know, getting the most successful outfit to attend a wedding can be a bit complicated, so the first thing to keep in mind is the type of ceremony and the schedule that will have the same, to that your choice is the most appropriate.

The main thing is that you check the wedding invitation card well, and if the bride and groom included any special request about the attire or the dress of the guests, it is necessary that you comply with their decision so that there are no disagreements among all the other attendees to the ceremony.

2. Whether the wedding will be held during the day

You can go for the option of wearing suits that have lighter shades, such as blue or gray. If you want to go a step further, you can dare also with more colors as it is, for example, roasting.

With this one, you are going to determine if the wedding will be held in an open space, as is the beach or the field since the main advantage is that it is a very cool color and does not absorb all the heat from the sun.

3. Whether the wedding will be held in the evening

For this case, the opposite happens, since the light tones forbidden. The classic option is black and never fails, but if you feel that you are tired of being conventional, you can select a suit of navy blue or gray.

If you have selected the black color, the most suitable for an evening wedding is that you attend with a tuxedo.

4. Half-suit suit

You should know that the standard garment that a man should wear at a wedding is a half-suit, that is, a suit with a tie, or bow tie, depending on your preference and taste.

However, if, in case it is a traditional marriage and you have an important role for that day, such as the witness or the godfather, it is necessary that you wear a suit that I check, which is the classic garment of the ceremony.

In addition, the guests can wear a jacket only when the groom does, since, of course, no one should dress more formally than the groom, who is one of the protagonists of the wedding.

5. Choice of tie

The tie is an element that should never be missing, for any reason, in a man’s wedding dress. You must select one that is totally in line with the style of your suit, and that matches the color of your shirt, which should be long sleeves.

If you want to add a more fun touch to your look, you can dare to wear a tie or bow tie that has a strenuous color for the day, such as yellow, red or purple, and wear a white shirt.

mens dress styles for weddings

6. Choice of shoes

One thing to keep in mind is that shoes are as important as the suit itself, and these should be very elegant, look new, clean, and you should combine them perfectly with the suit you will wear.

If the suit you wear that day is blue or beige, dark shoes are preferable, they may be black, blue or some that have a brown color.

Accessories are more important than you think

A man may pleasantly surprise everyone if you know use some accessories well – male, as is, for example, a belt or strap, a handkerchief in the breast pocket, some original twins, a large, striking clock or a pocket, which is starting to take again.

Tips for Properly Dressed Suits

• Always wear a shirt that is long- sleeved, and if it is white, much better. If not, you should opt for colors such as sky blue, beige, crude, or diplomatic finite stripes that have fairly clear shades.

• Wear a jacket that is two buttons, as this is more elegant and not out of fashion.

• It is necessary that the sleeves of the jacket allow seeing something of the shirt, can be approximately of half a centimeter to an inch.

• The length of the pants cannot exceed the instep.

• The jacket should fit your outline or your body, that is, it should not be tight or small, for any reason.

• The collar of the shirt should appear one centimeter above the jacket you are using.

Latest recommendations

As you could realize, choosing a man’s dress correctly and correctly to attend a party is not an easy task, as it seems, since it is necessary to pay attention to various details. That is extremely important for put together a good look you already know how to dress for a wedding, so put all these tips into practice the next time you need to attend a marriage.

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