Men’s dressing tips to look more fashionable and glamorous

Many men still do not pay much attention to the clothes they wear there is no doubt. However, they are less and less; men have surrendered to the culture of the image and know that looking good is no longer a girl thing. In the work life and in many personal areas, being happy with the “photo” that the mirror gives us does well to the self-esteem and is an excellent letter of presentation. To be an elegant man and always be in fashion today, it is very important to go properly dressed and presentable. For that, in this post, I am going to mention some men’s dressing tips for you to dress well, so take note.

Of course, in general, the male takes the fashion differently. It is very difficult to be bothered by wearing something that is worn, something that women are capable of doing. However, most care and care what is put, for more “I put what I found” look I want to show the world.

Keys to Male Fashion

“When you dress incredible, you feel fantastic. In addition, when you feel fantastic, you can change the world, “says Marcel Floruss, one of the most famous influencers in men’s fashion, and some of that is. Finding the right clothes for everyone, according to habits and body, is the starting point so that the choices at the time of dressing do not fail.

According to the great designers, in men’s fashion, there is necessary: the male wants to feel comfortable and look good. There are few who lend themselves to great “productions” when dressing and combining clothes and accessories. Therefore, unless the gift is for someone super flirty and dedicated, the simple men’s wardrobe always becomes an ideal choice.

In addition, there is good news: the return to simplicity, normality, and functionality marked the pattern of men’s fashion at Milan Fashion Week. The return to the basics is imposed as a trend and the garments that provide a lot of practicality and functionality are going super well this season.

Men, fashion: latest trends

Currently, many trends are found in men’s fashion, including retro pop, where vintage garments appear with prints and strong colors. It also takes much of what they call a neutral look, where earthy colors and comfortable garments like loose pants and loose shirts are protagonists.

A very booming trend, for both genders but very in vogue among males is what they call the ” athleisure “. Born in the United States, more precisely in California, it is a concept that fuses two worlds: athletic and casual. What is involved is precise to combine the casual style with the sport, and is the direction that goes the fashion industry.

Its objective is exactly to add comfort and wave to the clothes and the footwear, achieving a relaxed look but without losing the style. It is an ideal choice to be well dressed, and even somehow elegant, feeling comfortable at the same time.

In general, clothing and footwear that fit this trend are very comfortable, with lightweight fabrics and designs that allow for a lot of flexibility.

The inevitable for any man

If you cannot think of where to start, there are some accessories and garments with which it is almost impossible to look bad, because they all wear them, almost without exception.

 White shirt: A basic should be in everyone’s closet. Combine everything from blazers and jeans to shorts. Most men have 2 or 3 white cotton shirts to make the most of them in any casual event, outdoor days, work, outlet, and more. They always serve.

 Jean: We all have a pair of jeans in the closet, but they never leave because they are one of the most used clothes. Almost any garment combines with a jean and allows us to be well in any casual situation. Varying in shades and cuts or designs is ideal.

 Sweater: It is a garment for all occasions, both formal and informal, and looks good with jeans and trousers.

 Blazer: This garment is perfect for wearing with jeans or dress pants, as it works well for formal or casual situations. In blue or gray, they go with everything and many designs are usually very comfortable.

 Costume: There are men who use them daily, to work, and who reserve them for special occasions. However, a suit always has to have. It is used for classic cut, of two buttons, and can be carried with tie or tie, according to the occasion. Eye: it is accompanied by smooth shoes of patent leather or Oxford. Colors that do not fail are black or midnight blue. If the use is diurnal, the ideals are the dark gray or blue tones.

 T-shirts: Short-sleeved or long-sleeved, with collar or neck, polo type or more modern, always come well and, not being so expensive, we can afford to have for a change.

 Watch: It is a fundamental piece, which most men love. According to the designers, an accessory is worth investing because it reflects 100% the personality of the man.

 Eyeglasses: This is another important accessory in the men’s closet. Fans like to have varied designs: some for the daily hustle, some for special occasions and a good sports pair for weekends.

 Perfume: A good fragrance emphasizes character and masculinity. They certainly give the final addition to any outfit.

 Denim shirt: The Denim is a fabric that combines virtually everything. It should be chosen in a medium tone and without too much washing. You will get the perfect balance between the formality of a shirt and the informality of the fabric and the cut of a garment. If we follow the British dictates, it will be slim, but that is because of each use and body type.

 Black trousers: English manners raised narrow trousers to the podium of cool, and today narrow trousers are the latest fashion, in all colors. Anyway, for those who have a kilo of more, the best option is black or dark blue.

Men in front of the mirror: how to dress well

 To be labeled according to age

It is not as rigid as before, but there are limits. As we get older, it is basic to know that there are things that are best left in the closet. Especially in the case of some shirts and shirts with prints, or some designs of pants. The same with the accessories: the ridiculous does not come back, they say.

 Fashionable, but not so much

It is nice to be fashionable, but everybody has its particularities and some things that are used does not fit everyone. Some shades, some cuts, and even certain fabrics are better left aside if we have extra kilos, and not for what they will say but to make the best of your wardrobe.

 Light tones “fatten”

It is a law that has been in force for centuries: the clearer the garment, the more volume it adds visually … That is why the tallest people play with advantage in these proceedings. We must keep this in mind so that there are no surprises at the time of going out.

To contain this increase in volume, it is preferable to use slim cuts or, at least, to balance the proportions; for example, straight pants with the slim jacket (our preferred option), or vice versa, oversize jacket with slim pants.

 Vary according to the occasion

It is fun to change the clothes we choose every so often each occasion, requires a different type of gift. A rule says that being formal all day is wrong, and seeing you informal all day, too. Remember that the ends are never good, so an intermediate style is never lacking in elegance.

Shoes: puts you in the footsteps of Daddy

They always come good. They do not cause the same thing that generates a shoe in the women but a good footwear never hurts. If you want to buy an original, useful and long-lasting gift, the option boots, sneakers or shoes can be great.

The shoes and moccasins are a classic in the men’s wardrobe and provide a modern look. Boots, leather boots, and leather sneakers are used more and more even in dress trousers – and even suits – and many men still have great wonders.

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