Miraculous health benefits of honey and cinnamon for a healthy life

The mixture of cinnamon and honey has used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine! Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices used in India, which known for its medicinal and beauty benefits. In addition, honey still called as “Yogavahi” in the Ayurvedic Scriptures, which means “the vector of values of healing tissues and nerves.” When honey diluted or combined with other beneficial spices or herb, which enhances the medicinal qualities of this particular combination, extend the deeper reach into the body’s tissues and nerves. In this article, we tell you the health benefits of honey and cinnamon, so you start taking it today!

We are all familiar with the beauty benefits of honey, such as packages of hair packs and face, but also has many medicinal benefits and also helps in weight loss. The essential oils present in cinnamon, along with the various enzymes present in honey, produces hydrogen peroxide, making the excellent combination antimicrobial that prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria.

Mixing honey and cinnamon is a natural cure for various diseases and has many benefits for beauty as well. Read below to learn more about the benefits of cinnamon and honey.

Lose weight, raise fenders, improve digestion, care for joints, prevent cardiovascular disease, treat insomnia and burnout or increase libido. These are some of the benefits, which these two miracle substances of nature can give us. We should only mix liquid honey with ground cinnamon until it is quite thick and can be stored in an enclosed bottle to preserve indefinitely.


The mixture of cinnamon and honey, consumed daily, gives us the following health benefits.

• Increases defenses

The combination of both is highly calorific and functions as a natural antibiotic. That is, it helps us to expel the cold from the body, and to prevent diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. It has proven that honey contains a natural ingredient that kills influenza germs and protects patients from the cold. Those who suffer from a severe cold can take 1 tbsp. Of warm honey with ¼ tsp. Of cinnamon for three days. This process cures any cold and clarifies sinusitis.

• Relieves arthritis pains

Patients with arthritis can drink a cup of hot water with 2 tbsp. daily in the mornings and evenings. Honey and 1 tsp. Of cinnamon powder. If consumed regularly, even chronic arthritis can cure. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen showed that those doctors who treated their patients with this mixture before breakfast corroborated that in one week of 200 patients, 73 no longer had arthritic pains, and a month, almost all who could not Walk or move did so without pain.

• It improves digestion and fights acidity

Take a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of the mixture, preferably before the meal; although it can also be taken later, as an infusion, to reduce acidity and digest even heavier foods.

• Prolongs longevity

Tea made with honey and cinnamon, taken regularly, decreases the damage caused by old age in the tissues. Take 4 tbsp. Of honey and 1 tbsp. Of cinnamon powder, in a cup of tea, three to four times a day, keeps the skin fresh and diminishes the damages caused by the aging of tissues and free radicals, lengthening the period of vitality.

• Reduces cholesterol

Pure honey taken as food daily helps to reduce cholesterol strengthens the heart and regulates its rhythm. Using the mixture of honey and cinnamon as a marmalade to spread on bread every morning, will reduce cholesterol in the arteries and prevent heart attacks. In addition, those who have already had a heart attack, if they follow this process, will protect from a subsequent attack. In the United States and Canada, several nursing homes have successfully cured patients whose veins had become loose or clogged. Honey and cinnamon revitalize them.

• Protects the digestive system

Honey is taken with cinnamon also helps to heal the stomach; Clarifies and even could cure ulcers completely. Studies done in India and Japan reveal that both reduce gas in the digestive system.

• Improve skin problems

Honey and a cinnamon powder, making a paste, can be applied to the shins before bed, washing with warm water the next day. If done for two weeks, they will disappear from the root. The application, in equal parts, in the affected parts cures eczema and all type of infections of the skin.

• Helps to lose weight

Cinnamon is a regulator of blood glucose levels and helps to eliminate excess fluids and fats in our body. In the mornings, half an hour before breakfast and before going to sleep, drink a cup of boiled water with honey and cinnamon. If eaten regularly, it does not allow fats to accumulate in the body, even if the person carries a high-calorie diet.

• Heals insect bites

Mix 1 tsp. Of honey, 2 tsp. Of warm water and 1 tsp. Cinnamon powder, make a paste and rub it gently over the bite. The pain and itching go away within minutes.

• It fights fatigue and insomnia

Studies have found that the sugar content in honey helps increase the amount of strength in the body. Seniors who drink honey and cinnamon in equal parts are more alert and more flexible. A glass with 1 tbsp. Of honey and sprinkled with cinnamon, every day when you wake up and at three in the afternoon, when the vitality of the body starts to decrease, it increases the vitality of the body in just one week. For insomnia, take 1 tbsp. With a glass of hot water at bedtime.

• Increases libido

Cinnamon considered one of the best natural aphrodisiacs in both men and women. Take one tablespoon in the morning and one tablespoon before bed.

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