Natural remedies for teeth to get rid of from tooth pain

In time, our smile is losing that bright white that he had several years ago. From our food to the very environment in which we live can make our teeth look more dull and yellow, giving them that dirty look that we hate so much. In addition, keeping them healthy and clean is vital to avoid mouth problems. In this article, you will find tips and natural remedies for teeth not only to take care of your teeth but also to recover your white and clean appearance in a natural way, without chemicals or laser treatments. You want to find out. Stay with us!

What foods harm the health of our teeth?

Many of the foods we eat daily assault the enamel of our teeth, and that makes over time if you do not keep the necessary care, end up losing its natural target.

The foods that most harm our teeth are:

• The meat
• The eggs
• Dairy products
• Vegetable Oils
• Refined sugar
• Sugary or energetic beverages
• The beer
• Artificial sweeteners
• Citrus fruits

Some combinations of these foods are especially damaging to our teeth, such as the sugar-citrus combination. This combination found in desserts, sweets, and beverages. After taking these products, the enamel of our teeth will be considered weak, which can favor the entry of bacteria, causing a loss of the whiteness of the teeth, and even causing cavities.

We also find other foods that do not damage the enamel, but they do stain it.

• Beverages with strong colors: coffee, tea, dark refreshments, red wine, and dark fruit juices.

• Foods that are reddish or bluish: such as blueberries, cherries, pomegranates, red berries, red beets, licorice, saffron, and sauces such as ketchup, curry sauces, or turmeric.

• Tobacco: Despite not being a food, it is important to name it because it stains our teeth very much, giving them that yellowish tone that we hate so much.

You can observe, we can moderate the consumption of these foods, and even substitute some for healthier and more natural products. However, others are elementary in our daily diet.

Do not worry; you will not need to remove them from your diet, so you just have to follow some tips to take care of your teeth properly. You want to meet them. Stay with us!

10 tips and remedies to recover the target of your teeth

By following these simple tips, you will not only naturally whiten your teeth but will get a completely clean and healthy mouth, so that your teeth look fantastic.

1. Brush correctly: It may seem like an obvious tip, but the truth is that we do not normally brush our teeth properly. We will have to thoroughly clean all teeth and molars at least two or three times a day, especially after meals, and never forget the brushing of the night, before we go to sleep. Each brushing should last about 2 to 3 minutes to make sure the mouth has been completely clean.

Should we brush the teeth, not only the tongue can store many bacteria that then pass to our teeth and could damage them. So brushing our tongue will also be vital if we want to keep our mouth clean and our teeth healthy and white. Choosing the right brush is also important. It is recommended using a soft brush to avoid damaging the enamel layer of the teeth.

2. Floss: After brushing, it is advisable to floss between the teeth to eliminate any remaining food that may have been stored in the corners of our mouth to which the brush does not reach. If we have leftovers of food between our teeth can generate bacteria that will damage our dentine, producing a loss of the whiteness of our teeth, and could even cause cavities.

3. Chew gum without sugar: we know, daily life can become very stressful, and you may not have time to be brushing your teeth after every meal. However, we can keep our mouth clean by chewing gum, always without sugar.

Gum not only helps to remove leftover food that may have been left in your mouth, it will also reduce acidity levels and balance your mouth’s ph. levels.

4. Eat an apple in nibbles: Eating an apple can help you clean your teeth because thanks to its hardness eliminate the remains of food and surface stains of the enamel.

In addition, its malic acid content eliminates dental plaque and helps whiten your teeth naturally. Bite-apple-teeth-white-green

5. Make mouthwashes with apple cider vinegar: The Apple is not only good at nibbles. As we have already told you, the malic acid of the apple helps whiten teeth, so making apple-vinegar rinses will also help keep your teeth whiter.

It is recommended to dilute part of the apple vinegar in two parts of water and rinse the mouth with this solution two or three times a day.

6. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables: not only biting an apple can help us keep our mouth clean. Thanks to the juices of fresh fruits and vegetables, we will help to combat stains of the teeth, and protect them from the plaque.

Dried fruit oils are also very useful to maintain the natural shine of our teeth.

7. Rub your teeth with orange peel: The inner part of the orange skin acts as a natural whitener for our teeth. It is recommended rubbing it for about 45 minutes on our teeth and then brushing them normally to remove any possible residue.

8. Clean your teeth with strawberry and bicarbonate: Strawberries contain vitamin C and an astringent agent. These two combined properties get not only to remove stains from your teeth but also to whiten them in a completely natural way.

In order to apply the strawberry properties to your teeth, we recommend crushing a strawberry and mixing it with baking soda, which will act as anti-acid. We will apply this paste on our teeth and let it act for 2 minutes. Then brush our teeth normally to remove the sugar from the strawberry.

9. Use bicarbonate and lemon: lemon acid will help keep your mouth fresh and clean. We will combine lemon juice with bicarbonate, and apply it on our teeth with a cotton swab. After letting it work for a few seconds, we will wash the teeth well to remove the acid from the lemon, as prolonged exposure to it could damage our dentine. Limon

10. Make mouthwashes with tea: tea contains flavonoids and fluoride, which prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Making daily rinses with tea, we will get whiter teeth and keep our mouth clean. It is recommended using lighter colored teas, as the dark ones could stain the teeth, depending on the person.

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