Neck pain treatment at home with simple effective remedies and tips

The neck, made up of bones, tendons, muscles, nerves, etc., should support the head weighing about 7 kilos. In addition, the neck makes about 600 movements every hour. So much activity together with bad postures, lack of exercise, stress or even the passage of the years favors the appearance of neck pain. Although this type of pain may also sometimes correspond to a symptom of a serious infection or even a tumor. People in office positions most often have neck pain because they kept in an uncomfortable position (for example, leaning forward) for hours by straining the neck. Similarly, those suffering from a car accident may suffer from a neck pain called a whiplash. Here are some helpful tips to prevent and relieve torticollis and neck pain treatment at home. All suggestions are purely informative and cannot consider as medical indications. In the case of any doubt or problem, it is essential to consult your doctor.

Why does it hurt?

The effort to hold the head, which weighs 10 to 12 pounds, makes your neck weak to damage. Sleeping in a bad position, hold a phone against your shoulder for a long time, spend hours hunched in front of a computer occur pain. Cancer, car crash from behind and arthritis that cause a whiplash injury.

Do not rush to study

X-rays and CT scans expose you to radiation that could potentially cause cancer. The risk is small, but it is preferable to avoid radiation if possible. Although MRI or magnetic resonance imaging does not pose a risk, these studies detect disk abnormalities in more than 80% of people over the age of 60, although these abnormalities are not usually related to pain. However, this finding often leads to follow-up testing and some treatment.


Sudden air strikes. A sudden blow of air can affect the neck area when, for example, you move from a warm to a cold environment, you are very close to a ventilator or air conditioner when driving with the window open and in other similar situations in That one is exposed to an unexpected cold.

Incorrect posture. In some cases, neck pain and stiffness can be caused by poor posture, for example, while driving, stopping for a better view of the computer screen, or when there is a tendency to bend the head to the sides, to hold the phone between the ear and the shoulder.

Uncomfortable position. In other cases, neck pain can be caused by an uncomfortable position when resting or sleeping, for example, because of a pillow too high or too rigid. Pay attention to your pillow and replace it if you think it is causing the pain.

Heavy Objects. Neck pain can also be caused by the action of lifting heavy objects sporadically or periodically carrying a weight, involving especially one side of the body. Consider, for example, the need to load a heavy suitcase or bags: it is better to change it every so often or use a car.

Trauma and stress. Any type of trauma that affects the head or shoulders can also affect the neck and in some cases cause pain. Consider, for example, muscular tears, whiplash, an accident or a bad fall. Neck pain can also be caused by a situation of physical, emotional and muscular tension.

Treatments to keep in mind

 Massage

A good way to treat neck pain or torticollis is a good message throughout the sore area. When giving this massage is advisable to use some type of natural oil such as lavender or rosemary as these oils help to give heat in the area of the problem in addition to activating the circulation of blood in the neck. It is important to remember that massages should be gentle and made by an expert person, otherwise you could cause a worsening of your own torticollis. Do not think about it anymore and ask an expert to give you a series of massages on your neck so that you can improve significantly on the problem.

 Ice Compressors

Putting something cold in the sore area of the neck is another excellent option and one of the best home remedies there is when it comes to relieving the troublesome torticollis. To do this, take some crushed ice and wrap it in a cloth. Place this pad in the area where you have the problem and let it act for a few minutes until the pain has been considerably reduced. Ice is a perfect home remedy to reduce the inflammation of the area and to relieve the same torticollis.

 Vinegar

In case you suffer neck pain or torticollis for a few days, one of the best home remedies to treat such a problem is to put some apple cider vinegar in the sore area. Simply soak a soft cloth in a little apple vinegar and apply on the neck. Apple cider vinegar has a number of properties that will help you to de-tension your neck muscles and to deflate your own sore area. So you know, if you have the neck area quite sore with torticollis, do not hesitate to use this effective home remedy and end the annoying problem.

 Hot water shower

The hot water is another excellent home remedy and natural perfect to combat the annoyance and pain that usually causes the torticollis. To do this, you should put under the shower of hot water and let it act for about 5 minutes so that the heat helps to improve the entire neck area. Hot water will help reduce inflammation and relax your neck muscles. In a few minutes, you will notice a great improvement in the whole neck and you can begin to move it without any problems.

 Neck Exercises

Although you may think otherwise and many people believe that it is wrong, move the neck and do various exercises with it, can help overcome the problem of torticollis. You can choose whether to move the neck in circles or forward or backward. What is important is that you do it in a gentle and non-forceful way since otherwise, you could cause the problem to get worse and the torticollis worse. If you do the exercises in the right way, you will get the torticollis to disappear within a few days.

If you follow all these simple and practical home remedies to treat torticollis, you will realize that in a very short time the pain and tension of muscles are disappearing until you find yourself physically perfect. In the event that you see that the pain does not stop and you are still there, you can go to a chiromassist to work the whole area and help you end the problem of torticollis as soon as possible. The neck pain is considered as a rather annoying pain and it costs to take away with the passage of the days, although do not worry since following a good treatment it is normal that the mentioned torticollis is disappearing.

Helpful Tips

• Foulard

If you periodically suffer from neck pain or torticollis, remember to wear a scarf or light handkerchief when traveling in a car or air-conditioned mode of transportation, or when going in places where temperatures are lower than outside.

• Anatomical pillow

If the problem of neck pain is related to poor posture during sleep, try to buy a suitable anatomical pillow for you. It has to be of the proper height and to hold well to the neck in its critical points.

• Yoga

Yoga can be helpful in relieving neck pain. There are specially indicated positions to relieve the area but; However, other positions should also be avoided, which may aggravate the problem, such as the “candle” (Salamba Sarvangasana) or asanas that force the eye to look up or down (in this case, it is better to keep the neck and head aligned with spinal column).

• Mattress

Besides the choice of pillow, also the mattress is of paramount importance. If you wake up in the morning with neck pain, the blame could be on the mattress. According to David J. Hufford, a Pennsylvania State University expert, it is advisable to sleep on a compact mattress that, along with the pillow, allows the head to be aligned with the spine.

• Bad habits

In general, to prevent and forget neck pain and torticollis, it would be good to give up bad habits, starting by avoiding spending too much time with your head up or down during working hours. Improve your workplace and remember to pause and change positions every so often while sitting at your desk.

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