Quit smoking tips and natural home remedies for everyone

Tobacco is one of the greatest threats to public health facing the world. It kills more than 7 million people a year, of which more than 6 million are direct consumers and about 890 000 are nonsmokers exposed to second-hand smoke, according to data from the World Health Organization. However, what happens in our body when we make the final decision to quit smoking? As we will explain below, the reality is that it is all benefits, so it is time to consider it. Of course, to notice all the improvements, it is necessary to stop smoking before 40. Although of course, it is never a bad time to take away the vice, since it also represents an economic saving, and not only in health. That is why we introduce you some quit smoking tips and natural home remedies for everyone.

Quit smoking tips

The consumption of snuff is the leading preventable cause of death. Causes more than 20% of cancer deaths in general and about 70% of lung cancer deaths. It also causes cancers of the esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach and cervix, as well as acute myeloid leukemia. Do not they seem like enough reason to quit smoking?

 Quitting tobacco is not easy, but it is possible

The way to becoming an ex-smoker is not easy, so you have to find a method that suits our case. Deciding to leave it is the first step! Go to your doctor and review some tips that will make quitting smoking easier.

 Find a reason

Before taking the first step, reflect on the many reasons why it is important to quit smoking and the benefits of a smoke-free life. A healthier life, preventing illness, saving money, not harming your loved ones … Find a reason that gives you the strength to quit.

 Do not think about smoking

It is possible that for a long time you feel like you feel like smoking. Get ready and whenever you feel the need to smoke, distract yourself with something. Call a friend, listen to music or do an activity you like, like cooking. The need to smoke will last only a few seconds.

 Turn to smoke-free activities

Learning to enjoy some activities where tobacco is not welcome is very positive. Going to the movies, painting or playing sports with friends are very good options that will keep you away from tobacco.

 Keep positive thoughts

If you feel anxious and want to smoke a cigarette, it is very positive to calculate how much money you have saved since you quit smoking. Prepare a piggy bank and start saving the money you normally spend on tobacco. Treat yourself to the money you have saved! A trip, for example.

 Ask for help and understanding

The first few days without smoking may show withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, nervousness or moodiness. It is important not to become overwhelmed and aware that any change in habits is a complicated task that requires effort. Ask your partner or family for some understanding and help.

 Replaces pleasure

All smokers have had something between their fingers for years and have felt pleasure in their mouths by giving a cigarette a slam. Turn to alternatives that give you the same satisfaction, for example, sugar-free and low-calorie sweets.

 Do sports

Sport is full of benefits and free of side effects. In fact, simply practicing sports – even if you walk half an hour a day in nature or get off a subway stop on your way to work – can help you a lot on your way to a smoke-free life.

The reason is that when you practice sports you release endorphins, which makes you feel happier and all without having to think about cigarettes. That makes sport one of the best tricks to stop smoking and an excellent ally to defeat tobacco.

 Stop believing you cannot

As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can think you cannot, you’re right ” so you’ll hardly be able to quit forever if you’re not fully convinced that you can do it.

Put aside the insecurities and focus on the day to day because if you want, you can. In addition, there are few tips to quit smoking that can definitely help you more than this.

 Choose a date to leave

With quitting smoking happens just like with the diet: you always start tomorrow, but deep down you know that tomorrow never comes and that there is nothing better to start reaching your goals than setting you a start date. In addition, that is just what you should do with your cigarette addiction: Set a quit date that is close enough so you do not change your mind.

 Write the advantages of leaving it

Another good tip to quit smoking is to list the advantages and disadvantages of quitting smoking.

Write down everything that goes through your mind: advantages such as recovering the taste or being able to breathe better, etc. Maybe you will find out there is not!

When you are done writing the list, read it and become mentally aware that you are about to start on the road to a better quality of life.

 Turn to quit smoking medications

Many smokers have successfully overcome tobacco addiction thanks to the help of medications such as Champix, bupropion that is specifically designed to help overcome tobacco addiction while minimizing withdrawal symptoms.

If you are looking for tricks to quit without anxiety, drugs may be able to become excellent allies for you. That yes, always consult your doctor before starting any treatment so you can advise the best in your case since some have side effects that could not be good in your case.

 I am going to quit smoking

It is important to believe that you will stop smoking. Expectations of successful quitting can be greatly increased if you act decisively against moodiness and withdrawal symptoms. A good attitude is essential to achieve this.

Tobacco nicotine creates addiction. For this reason, it is normal that during the first weeks of abstinence suffer unpleasant symptoms and is thought of tobacco constantly. Go to your doctor and ask help to qualify for treatment with nicotine substitutes if necessary. You can get it!

What happens when we stop smoking?

Consequently, by quitting smoking and drastically reducing nicotine levels in the blood, various effects occur:

• We reduced our level of alertness, our temperature low and our basal metabolism slows down, so we stopped burning that extra 200 kcal, which was like doing a few extra miles a day at a trot step. That is to say, that it is as if we stopped doing sport at once.

• We increase the anxiety about abstinence and we need to calm it down with some equivalent, such as sugars and fats. Our brain, which is suddenly denied the reward of nicotine, needs some substitute element and asks us continually: we are hungrier, although it is only psychological.

• Our digestive tract works again effectively and optimizes the caloric utilization of everything we eat.

• Our gallbladder also draws more energy from fat.

• Our senses of taste and smell awaken again and find food even more attractive.

Our intestinal flora, on the other hand, does not improve at a stroke and still does not produce some vital products and would surely help us regulate our blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

10 Home remedies and natural quit smoking

It is the case of home remedies to quit smoking, and then we are going to share not one but 10 natural methods that will help you to abandon this bad habit without having to undergo strict treatments or spend a fortune on medicines.

All thanks to natural foods, plants, and herbs that until now have helped to stop smoking too many smokers. It has not seemed to fit here, despite the requests, acupuncture to stop smoking since it is not a “home remedy.”

Do you want to know, what are these 10 natural and home remedies to quit smoking? You just have to keep reading and stay with the ones that convince you the most. They are all effective, so choose yours – or you can even combine several – and make your cigarette addiction a better life.

 Fruit juice

Quit smoking while full of vitamins and properties your body, it is possible. All thanks to the juices of fruits, one of the home remedies to quit smoking free best rated by those who have used them.

However, we are not talking about the pre-made juices sold in the supermarket, but the ones you can make at home with ingredients that are practically in any refrigerator.

Its success lies in the fact that, as it contains no sugars and is prepared with natural ingredients, they help to calm the anxiety that people who smoke excessively.

You can prepare juices with various ingredients such as orange, mango, cucumber or grapefruit among others but apple juice without sugars is one of the most recommended (and you can take up to 600 milliliters a day).

 Ginger root

Ginger is a plant that has great health benefits, especially for the digestive system – hence very common in both natural medicine and cooking recipes – but if there is, a part of the plant that is carried almost all merits that are the root.

Moreover, is that ginger root is one of the best home remedies for smoking cessation. It is usually taken in the form of tea or infusion and is of great help to treat some of the side effects of tobacco such as nausea and anxiety because its strong taste leaves a stifling sensation on the palate that distracts the cravings that Cause the cigarette.

To drink it infuse 3 glasses of water (600ml) and then add 60 grams of grated ginger root. Leave to stand for 10 minutes and then add the juice of half a lemon.

You should drink one cup fasting and the next two cups after each meal.

 Cayenne pepper

Besides being a delicious seasoning for many meals, the pepper of cayenne is also effective when you cannot overcome the urge to smoke.

Simply include a half teaspoon of cayenne pepper in your dishes and you will see how it helps you avoid the temptation.

Aside from helping you overcome addiction, it can also help you relieve and prevent the effects of tobacco on your lungs thanks to its antioxidant and preventative effect.

 Licorice root

If you want to know one of the best home methods to quit smoking, then the root of licorice is for you.

For centuries, it has been used as a substitute for tobacco. Without going any further, chewing licorice root, it brings great physical and psychological benefits: relaxes, controls the syndrome of abstinence and helps prevent skin cancer.

In addition, if after chewing a piece of licorice root you still choose to light a cigarette you know that this plant contains components that will make the taste of tobacco unpleasant.

If you do not want to chew the root, you can also consume it in powder, infusion or in the form of pills that you will find in many herbal shops.

That yes, it is not beneficial for diabetics since it interacts with certain medications.

 Ginseng

If we talk about natural cures, the ginseng takes the palm.

It is one of the most effective plants known to treat the problem of smoking. Because it inhibits the release of dopamine thus avoiding the sensation of pleasure and well-being that a cigarette provides.

You can take it in infusions either alone or accompanied by chamomile or tea, or if you prefer you can also add a spoonful of powdered ginseng inside a glass of milk, coffee or cocoa. In addition, ideally, you should rest for a week after another two weeks of taking it.

 Noni

The noni is a medicinal plant widely used in ancient to treat various ailments and diseases cultures.

It is also one of the best home remedies to quit smoking, because not only will allow you to relax and combat the syndrome of abstinence but will also help you relax and improve digestion.

Currently it is very easy to find dry noni leaves to make infusions, and in fact, it is also advisable to take it in juice since it is as best to fight the syndrome of abstinence produced by the lack of tobacco.

 Herbs tea

Many ex-smokers claim that herbal tea not only helps to purify the body but also reduces the urge to smoke.

To do this boil for 15 minutes a liter of water with a tablespoon of thyme, another ginger and five cloves of smell.

Once consumed this time cover and take it whenever you feel like lighting a cigarette. You will see how it helps you overcome the addiction.

 Valerian

The valerian is known for its effect tranquilizer and sedative and is used primarily by those who suffer from insomnia. However, did you know that it can also help you quit since it is considered as one of the home remedies for cravings?

If you consume an infusion of 2 or 3 grams of valerian roots when you go to sleep you can reduce the anxiety, stress, and nervousness that are precisely three of the states that induce smoking. You will see how abstinence control helps you.

 Oats

Oatmeal is a super food full of properties: it improves digestion, it is good for the heart, it is very effective for weight loss and you can make it an excellent home method to stop smoking since it helps reduce anxiety.

For this, it consumes about two tablespoons of oats every day – if you prefer you can mix the flakes with a yogurt. Oatmeal contains high doses of avenanthramide, a substance that reduces stress and strengthens the nervous system, which can help you overcome the urge to smoke.

 Lobelia

This is another of the quit smoking home remedies par excellence.

The lobelia is a plant that is used to overcome the problems of the abstinence to the nicotine. In fact, it is very common to see it as one of the main ingredients in many smoking cessation products.

You can consume it in infusions, but always counting on the advice of a professional since an excessive dose could be toxic.

Above all, and regardless of which of these smoking cessation remedies you choose to quit smoking, remember that no plant or food can do the work for you and that these natural remedies are of no use if you do not do your part.

Your strength of will and make the firm decision to quit smoking is indispensable to release you from this dependency. The plants Medicinal always be great allies, but your will must be your main weapon to break free of nicotine.

Never forget that it does not fail who tries and does not succeed, but who stops trying.

So if you are trying to stop smoking and you are tempted to smoke a cigarette, do not throw away all the work but you must learn from the mistakes and then return to the load with more force.

So, how did you find these 18 tips for quitting smoking definitely? The most important advice of all is that you believe in yourself and bet on yourself because if you set a goal and you decide to go straight for it there will be no one who can stop you until you reach it. In addition, much less a cigarette just seven inches.

Take a deep breath, think of a date to stop smoking – if you want you can do it while you smoke a cigarette – and then start the countdown with the firm conviction that you will start a life free of tobacco in the shortest possible time.

Before you, millions of people have managed to beat their nicotine addiction, and if they can you can too. Do not forget.

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