Ketogenic diet side effects in human body

The truth about the ketogenic diet side effects on health and even tangible results in our body. Thousands of women every day decide to start a diet and they promise that it will work even if their lives go away.

They do not go to any specialist and choose to make the fad diet that turned out to be the friend of the friend, where the only advantage is losing weight fast, but so fast, that when you start to enjoy it is already rising again.

Fashionable or not, one of the latest developments that respond to these characteristics is the ketogenic diet, a state of controlled hunger that is generated thanks to the elimination of almost all carbohydrates in order to promote the oxidation of fats and lead to the formation of ketone bodies.

Hydrates go from 50% or 60% of total calories to only 5-10% (even fasting is used); By limiting the body to only a few grams per day, it begins to depend on fat reserves and our weight plummets, while the brain replaces glucose with ketone compounds as an energy source.

For millennia, humans have developed a system of spare energy production, for when glucose, our main source of fuel, runs out. Thanks to this, the moments in which we cannot consume food – like a disease or a long nap – can be sustainable.
Ketogenic diet side effects
Moreover, it is that we involuntarily already follow this diet when we sleep. Upon awakening and exhaling our breath we expel a characteristic apple smell; It is the smell of acetone, and a little of it in the morning is a regular sign of healthy metabolism.

That is the flavor of the “keto” lifestyle. The goal of keto diets is to change the body to this alternate metabolic pathway not only at night or fasting but also throughout the day.

Several studies have recently shown benefits of acetone

Despite its unpopularity among professionals, two independent studies published recently in the journal Cell Metabolism have opened the hope that ketogenic diets full time can have health benefits.

In a laboratory analysis, research indicated that these diets not only reduce the waist but also seem to improve memory and life expectancy.

In 2010, molecular biologist Eric Verdin altered the way people thought about ketone bodies by discovering that one of them, called beta-hydroxybutyrate or BHB, was sending signals and altering molecular pathways in the brain to decrease inflammation and other damage.

The researchers thought that BHB could have anti-aging properties and that the same would happen with ketogenic diets.

After several years of testing with mice, feeding them with and without carbohydrates and starting up ketogenic diets in them, it has shown that those who demanded more carbohydrates presented better results in exercises designed to test their memory and the ability to recognize new things.


One of the most common ketogenic diet side effects is dyslipidemia, increased cholesterol, and triglycerides. In addition, according to a document by Dr.

Erna Rauch Ávila, from the Neurology Unit of Hospital Padre Hurtado, another of the adverse effects is that it causes gastrointestinal disorders such as constipation and reflux because the body is not able to absorb all the fat consumed.

Abdominal cramps and diarrhea are frequent. The doctor also states that these effects give way with minor adjustments to the diet, stool softeners, laxatives, and liquids.

There is also a deficiency of carnitine or vitamin B11, which allows fatty acids to burn and decreases the risk of fatty deposits in the liver, such as those related to abuse in alcohol consumption.
Ketogenic diet side effects
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When consuming so much fat, the carnitine does not have the capacity to act, the reason why the excess fat goes to the blood vessels and another part to the adipose tissues that give rise to the rolls.

It is very important to take into account that if the body detects that it does not have glucose – sugar – in the blood, that is, it does not have fuel for the brain, the muscles and the rest of the organism to work, it begins to process it to acquire it.

Where possible starting to “eat” your own muscle to generate glucose, very dangerous thing taking into account that the heart is also one of them. In addition to causing fatigue, muscle weakness, dizziness, and confusion.

Advantages and disadvantages

However, despite these advances, the reality is that nowadays it is at least risky to ensure that the ketogenic diet is recommend, especially for the aggressiveness of its implementation for our body and the difficulty of maintaining our habits with it.

Given its complexity in humans, well-controlled clinical trials are need to see how it affects people in the long term. We are not talking about losing weight or obtaining additional benefits, but about preserving our health.

The dietitian-nutritionist Nélida Fernández Puertas explains some positive and negative aspects of this diet. “Regarding its advantages, the ketogenic diet can improve the lipid profile by reducing the levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides.

Ketone bodies promote the absence of hunger, which absolutely promotes weight loss by decreasing dietary intakes. In addition, it has greater satiating power given the large presence of fats and proteins, which are more challenging to digest than hydrates. ”

“But it has important disadvantages. The limited supply of minerals, vitamins and fiber -consumer restriction of vegetables and fruits to achieve the state of ketosis-, the growth of constipation, and the frequency of suffering from halitosis or bad breath due to the high production of ketones, or fatigue or the presence of tiredness due to the scarcity of hydrates are some of them “.
Ketogenic diet side effects
Although many people think that the non-ketogenic diets are difficult to follow than the ketogenic diets, the specialist refers to the PubMed database studies, which show the contrary, since the impossibility of consuming very general foods such as cereals, vegetables, bread, vegetables or fruits significantly decreases the adherence to it.

“There is no conclusive conclusion about its efficacy and efficiency in the treatment of weight loss. The weight loss is similar to a ketogenic diet and a traditional weight loss diet in the articles analyzed.

Although it is slightly higher in ketogenic diets, we cannot forget its adverse effects and how unhelpful it is in the long term since by not acquiring any type of adherence or nutritional education at the end of this “diet” we will stop seeing results “, explains Fernández Puertas.

The best diet

The nutritionist Nelba Villagrán says that all diets lose weight because they are hypocaloric. “All roads lead to Rome,” he says. However, not all are appropriate for all people: “There are people who tell me that it did; others that do not, everything depends on the person and his organism. Each person is an individual. ”

These fad diets are unbalanced and take out some foods that are necessary and potentiate others, such as those that provide protein in abundance. For the nutritionist, the best and healthiest way to lose weight is to have a balance between all the nutrients we consume: proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
Ketogenic diet side effects
This avoids the rebound effect that occurs because the person returned to their normal calories and metabolism, thanks to food restriction, became slower.

The professor and nutritionist at the University of Chile, Rodrigo Valenzuela, recommend that if someone wants to lose weight healthily, they should go to a nutrition specialist and not to any doctor.

Other diets that endanger the health

These diets are those that are born thanks to a marketer effect of a doctor or because some famous gave results, among the best-known are:

Scarsdale Diet

One of the famous diets that thousands of women and men are doing is call Scarsdale. It consists of feeding on proteins and leaving aside carbohydrates.

It is promise that they will lose at least 5 kilos in 14 days, that is, 0.5 kg per day, a situation that is almost impossible physiologically. With this diet, it overloads the kidney, increases uric acid and can cause dehydration so it cannot be prolong over time.

Macrobiotic Diet

This is the diet of many famous as Madonna. Born in the Middle East and is based on eating almost exclusively cereals and legumes. Dairy, bread, and meat are forbidden. With this diet, you can lose muscle mass, since the consumption of proteins is minimal, which can cause anemia and malnutrition.
Ketogenic diet side effects

It is not suitable for everyone or long-term

In short, to losing weight the ketogenic diet does not have more advantages than a non-ketogenic diet, but it does have great disadvantages. In addition, it is not advisable in people with liver or heart problems, since in some cases it has favored the development of arrhythmias.

“If we want to lose weight naturally, ketogenic diets are not the most valued and wise option, but a long-term diet that is adequate for each person and in which nutrients and important food groups will not be lacking will always be more effective in the long term.

The best option is always a weight loss diet that we can maintain in a simple way and that helps us to acquire habits that we can maintain over time so that when we finish the weight loss diet we do not recover all the lost weight “, concludes the specialist.

That is the flavor of the “keto” lifestyle. The goal of keto diets is to change the body to this alternative metabolic pathway not only at night or fasting but also throughout the day.

It happens in ketogenic diets. That is why we recommend everyone to do exercise regularly, eat natural food and maintain a routine life to lose weight early. Especially women, who are fascinated for a slim figure.

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