August 19, 2017

About Us

the healthful lifestyle

We create this website with the aim of bringing something new and unique to the world of lifestyle, fashion, health, bodybuilding and fitness. Because, there is so much information without a basis or based on obsolete scientific studies that the last thing we need is another website talking about style, even nutrition and fitness without facts contrasted with modern scientific studies.

We hate the hype, lies, and pseudoscience. Over the years, I have wasted a lot of time on diets that do not work, exercises that are not effective, fashion that is not suitable and money on supplements with low quality ingredients that are neither healthy nor work.

“I know what it is to train without achieving the desired results, lose motivation and return to that state where you are unhappy again. Therefore, with everything I have learned and tested on myself, I’ve decided to help you achieve your goal, whether it’s losing weight, keeping you up, gaining muscle mass, or just getting fit.” – Jason

Our team of professionals write all my articles, with evidence verified by science and proven by us.

My mission is to help you understand the science behind bodybuilding and fitness as you understand that results are only achieved if you really understand what you do and know what you eat, unless you can’t get a better lifestyle.

Consistency, effort, a proper diet and training are the keys to success. Supplementation is not essential, but there are certain products that also work, are safe and with natural ingredients.

You will also find recommendations for health, beauty, fitness; overall healthful lifestyle-related products on the web, all based on our experience, that of consumers and professionals. does not accept money from other companies to recommend their products.